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Thread: Forces of Attraction and Repulsion

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    The pent-up energy returned to the Major's right knee, which began to tap up and down slightly as she looked around her half of the dining room. It was dark and intimate, and felt like the right kind of ambiance to take someone to get a memorable meal. Looking behind her, Untaaura could see a door plaqued by STAFF ONLY. No restroom there. She began to mentally rewind, trying to recall if she'd seen one coming in. She didn't but there had to be one up there. That seemed like the most plausibly deniable option. Go to the restroom, get another look at Beck (and the person she was with) and then...what?

    Untaaura frowned. She hadn't really filled in that part of the plan. What was she going to say?

    Before she could figure that out, Lieutenant Tenjun arrived. Damn. Why did he have to be punctual? Untaaura nodded as he clocked her, gesturing to the seat across from her, which would leave his back to anything in her field of view.

    "Rrjight on tjime." She rose from her seat, stepping down from the ludicrously-tall chair with as much grace as she could muster. "Go on and orrderr. Make ssurre sshe knowss jyourr on mjy tjicket. jI' gotta hjit the head."

    Tenjun, who had already brandished his datapad, looked a little disappointed in the sudden jilting, but he shrugged it off. "Sure thing, Major. I'll have everything ready to go over when you get back."

    "Take jyourr tjime." She gave a curt nod, and walked on by.

    Well, no more procrastination. What was the plan here? She would head to the restroom, head out, then see Beck by accident. Did that pass the smell test? Tenjun was here. Her alibi was airtight. What about this other person? Was she on a date? Goddess, that would be her luck. She didn't get a good look before, but the person at the table seemed about the same size. That ruled out that joker Abaddon thankfully. Beck would never be seen with a goon like that on her own time. Held captive at work, sure, but that was a totally different thing.

    Quickly, she put her gloves back on and unconsciously adjusted her hair. She picked up on Beck as she made the turn around the accent wall. Too bad that her bad ear was closest, so she could pick up nothing as far as conversation. Just before she got to a spot where she might get a good look at the other person, a waiter in Corellian attire passed by, completely blocking her view.

    "Fuck." Untaaura quietly hissed, not daring to break her stride to turn back. Maneuver first, then attack. Get it together, Marine!

    Fully making the turn, the sign for the restroom was easy enough to see, and close enough to make it easy to have a chance encounter on the way out. Untaaura made her move.

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    "jYou rread mjy mjind."

    The more time we spent together the more she seemed to just dig into my brain and know exactly what I'm thinking. She knew when I was hungry and would become a magician pulling snacks out of her sleeves. She didn't try to cramp my style or tell me what to do. She was warm and inviting. Oh fuck, is she everything my mother isn't? That's not a particular line of thought I want to go down right now. Anyways, we are on the same wavelength now. I don't know if I've ever felt so connected to another person since Tiaanna died.

    Even in situations like this I was always on edge. Always watching out of the corner of my eye for danger. A lifetime of making lifelong enemies over simple misunderstandings and mistakes, not to mention dodging mother, had ingrained that in me. So naturally I saw the waitress coming back from the other side of the room long before anyone would have clocked it. She brought a bowl of breaded, deep fried nuggets and a bowl of dipping sauce that, according to the menu was spicy. I had my doubts. She also laid out a glass with my drink, and I was so relieved to finally have alcohol within arms reach. I'm sure it's gonna be weak sauce, but anything to take my nervous edge off would be super cool.

    "Here we are. Are you ready to order, rrou'a?"

    "Yeah. Can we get the bonelessss wjingss and the kababss? Djid jyou want anjythjing to drrjink, babe?"

    I let my hand slip underneath the table edge and rest on top of her hand on my leg, and gave it a little squeeze.

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