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Thread: Story Dewback?

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    Open Thread Story Dewback?

    The decision to leave Tatooine had been one made partially out of desperation, and partially because he knew that it was for the best. As much as he enjoyed the peace and quiet of the far-flung desert planet, the noise had become simply... too much. Too much for him, and too dangerous for Zeni. His poor little cub had had to already endure so much - losing her mother, being a party to the ravages of desert gangs - in the end his decision to sell his old shop and leave was perhaps not entirely that difficult.

    The prospects on Ossus seemed much more in tune with what he hoped to provide for his most dearest little one , and life among the Jedi might be the salve that father and daughter both needed.

    A place where those hoping to carve out a peaceful life could coexist with the Jedi was enticing enough for him, and so he had sold off everything he could, some for scrap, others to traders, until finally all that was left was his shop. And then, soon enough even that was passed to another who had given him a fair amount of credits. He'd scraped together enough to provide two tickets to Ossus, and enough left over to provide them lodging for at least half a year. Certainly long enough to find gainful employment.

    * * *

    Stepping off the transport, Rodi blinked in the noon day sun over Ossus, high above him in the sky. Zeni held his hand, but her excitement was palpable enough, and he looked down at her as her eyes went from here to there, staring at the many work crews busy unloading luggage and tending to the ship that now rested on the tarmac.

    "No morre o' dhe desert, Gamei," he rumbled happily, using the nickname that her mother had given her when she was born, "... is mountains ahn' all dhe woods you could everr be wantin'."

    She grinned wide, exposing sharp teeth.

    "You t'ink dherre's kids herre, too?"

    He too smiled, swooping down to pick her up as they made their way to the main receiving center. She was nearly too big to carry.

    "I know dherre is."

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    Yufi was not, despite what she had told anybody who had asked, at the docks on 'Jedi business'. She was there for one very good reason. The latest shipment of her holoshopping was due in!

    What? The spangly outfits and ridiculous amounts of perfume didn't happen on their OWN. She had to make sure she kept importing things! And plenty of items she had ordered over the holonet were due for arrival today. Even in the small crowd of offworlders arriving on Ossus, Yufi stood out. Of COURSE she stood out. She spent at least two hours in the mirror every morning making sure she stood out, and that was without factoring in her hot pink skin. In a glitzy crop top and skirt, and high heeled boots, with enough make-up that she made most twi'lek dancers blush, and yes, the constant cloud of perfume, she was waiting not entirely patiently, pacing and tapping away on her comm link to her friends back on Ryloth until finally she saw her shipment was unloaded.

    Collecting what was actually a fairly large shipping box, Yufi took it with a grunt, her skinny arms almost immediately beginning to shake as she tried to peer over the top. Okay, maybe she shouldn't have ordered QUITE so many new outfits AND all those bottles of perfume. She managed a few steps, before her arms began to shake. It was still a long way back to the Enclave, even to a speeder, and she could barely manage three steps with the weight of the box. She took one more step, stumbled, lost her balance (stiletto heeled boots did not help), and fell sideways with a slight screech, grappling with the box to stop it falling and smashing on the floor.

    This wrestling just pulled her off her feet, where she fell directly into a ... a... Well, she had no idea what species he was, but he wasn't human or twi'lek, she knew that. She bumped into him, fell backwards, and landed roughly on the floor, where she pinned herself under the box. She squirmed, trying to lift it and get back up.
    "OHF!" she squealed, and then she looked up at the looming figure. "Uh, little help?" she asked hopefully, helplessly pinned under her own shipment order. She spotted that whoever it was had a kid with him, and she gave a small breathless wave from where she was pinned with a sparkly manicured hand. "Uh, hi!" she smiled, because she always tended to be good with children. Probably because they were about as mature as she was...

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    Not expecting such a jostling, the Shistavanen hesitated at the greeting. A... Twi'Lek? He'd seen a few on Tatooine, but his travels never entirely allowed him to experience a large range of the different beings that inhabited the galaxy. She was young; well, young-ish. Older than Zeni by far, but also certainly not an adult. Her glittering hand waved to him, and slowly he set Zeni back down.

    "Help I can cerrtainly give t'ye," he rumbled while reaching down to pull the small shipping box up. He made sure that his shoulder-slung travel pack was secure enough, and moving the box out of the way enough, he set it back down before returning his attentions to the girl.

    A tilt of his head at the sight of her, and the wolfman reached down to offer her a hand should she wish it in her efforts to return to her feet. Zeni partially hid behind his leg, peaking around.

    "I'm trrustin' you'rre not terribly hurrt... ?"

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    Yufi let out a little gasp as the box was lifted from her, and quickly scrambled to her feet. She smoothed out what existed of the fabric on her outfit, and checked herself over for any dirty marks.
    "Thankies!" she cheered, with enough pep to take a Star Destroyer out of orbit. "Nah, I'm fine. I mean, if I got hurt every time I fell over I'd-" she paused, because this didn't really help the narrative that she was a super awesome badass. "....uh, well, y'know, it's only ever happened once or twice," she corrected in a quick lie.

    From a small, sequined purse that glittered as much as the rest of her, she removed a small make-up compact, and started checking her looks even as she spoke. She wanted to make sure her make-up was still flawless after her little fall.
    "I'm Yufi, by the way. Jedi Knight extraordinaire!" she paused, pulling out a dark pink lip gloss to give her lips a fresh coat. "Well, uh padawan. Well, uh, initiate," she admitted quickly, managing to speak and freshen up her gloss at the same time. "But I'm well on my way!" she smiled, as she put the compact and gloss away.

    "Say, you look pretty big and strong..." she said thoughtfully. "Do you wanna come see the Jedi Enclave? And uh, maybe... help... carry my box there?" she asked, putting on her sweetest voice and offering him her cutest attempt at a smile. "Pleeeeeeeeeeeease?" she asked, pouring sugar onto her attempted sweetness to win him over. "I bet your daughter would like to see where real life Jedi train!" she added, to try and sweeten the deal.

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    "Yufi," he repeated, letting the name roll from his tongue. He seemed to think for a moment, then gave a nod to no one in particular.

    "I'm bein' Rrodi, Ma'am," he met her initial introduction with his own, "... an' dhe kaerrlyn* herre is Zeni."

    Another pause, as he considered her offer.

    "Well we'rre on ourr way for dhe rreceivin' buildin', but I c'n cerrtainly help ye wit' dhe parcel ye got."

    Zeni, still silent, stared up at her father, then back to the glittering Twi'Lek. As far as first impressions from Ossus, this was an eye-opener, and the little wolfgirl couldn't help but speak up then, her voice soft, low, and full of sudden curiosity. She'd never seen anyone so... shimmery!

    "Arre all o' dhe Jedi glowin' an' shinin' in dhe sun like you?"

    Kaerrlyn - 'girl' in Shistavanen slang. Pronounced kair-lin.
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    Yufi had no idea what a Kaerrlyn was, but she assumed it meant child in some sense of the word. Either way, it was pretty clear what their names were, and at least they weren't utterly unpronouncable like some.
    "Nice to meetcha Rodi and Zeni," she smiled cheerfully, hands still on her hips, hips cocked to the side. It seemed that Rodi was considering her offer, and luckily, he seemed happy to help her with the parcel. She supposed that she could maybe levitate it if she had to, but concentrating all the way to the Enclave would be very very hard. And she definitely wasn't strong enough to carry it that far.

    "Receiving building? Aw, that sounds like boring paperwork! I'm sure you can do it later!" Yufi suggested, because she fully believed anything that involved paperwork or red tape was boring and to be ignored.

    The little girl spoke up, apparently fascinated by Yufi's extensive jewellery, shimmering sequined outfit, copious amounts of body glitter and glitter make-up, and Yufi just beamed at the response, enjoying being noticed and admired.
    "Nope! Just me!" she said, admiring her own glittery arms for a moment. She leaned down, as if whispering a secret to the girl (although loud enough for her Dad to hear too). "Psst, it's just make-up really. But it's totally cute, right?" she smiled. "I'd offer you some, but uh, I don't think it works on fur," she added as a remark.

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    Rodi huffed out a strange sort of laugh as he angled toward the small packing box that belonged to Yufi.

    "Aah, but dhe soonerr we be gettin' dhe officials done wit', dhe sooner we can enjoy dhe day."

    Zeni gave a nod at her father's words, though still somewhat entranced by the glittering and sparkling Jedi. She was at least becoming more brave, and had come out fully from the refuge that her adai* offered. She tip-toed a few steps forward, closer to the Twi'Lek.

    "We came frrom ta'ooine, an' dhe sun is brright dherre, but no one dherre sparrkles like you."

    Adai - dad/father

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    "Ugh, I guess," Yufi whined, when they confirmed about doing their paperwork. "Fine! I'll come with ya to get your paperwork done, then you can help me with my box. I can even introduce you to the planet a bit!" she suggested happily. She began to head towards the building, glitzy high heeled boots clicking on the tarmac (which made a nice change from her usual problems walking around Ossus in them).

    When the little girl spoke to her again, she turned, and let out a delighted giggle. This kid was adorable, AND she thought Yufi 'sparkled', which Yufi liked very much. She held out her arms, and did a little twirl in the sunlight, as if to show off the glitter, sequins, glistening lip gloss and sparkling jewellery she wore.
    "That's because I'm the best!" she answered cheerfully. "Plus Tatooine is a gross dust ball. Ew. All that sand and dirt. And they still allow slavery! What's with THAT?" There was a sizeable community of twi'leks on Tatooine, she knew, but they were either slaves, or somehow involved in the underworld. The last she'd heard, a twi'lek had actually taken over Jabba the Hutt's old criminal empire, but still taken no moves to stop twi'lek slavery, which was disappointing. "If I gotta deal with sand, I want it to be a nice relaxing beach somewhere. Like Spira! Have you ever been to Spira?" she asked Zeni with a smile.

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    Rodi allowed a toothy smile as he once more gathered the parcel - it was heavier than he'd initially thought, but nothing he couldn't tote about. There was a slight rumble in his stomach as the trio started off, and the Shistavanen made a mental note to ask Yufi about any places to eat.

    Zeni, however, was wide-eyed as she tried to remember if she'd ever been to... Spira? She hopped along, her smaller legs moving at a more rapid pace to keep up with the two larger adults. Still with one hand clutched to her adai's low-slung shoulder pack, the cub couldn't help but fix her gaze to Yufi.

    "I don' t'ink I 'ave. What is it like?"

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    Yufi was pleased that the young girl was warming up to her. Of course, Yufi knew that she was good with kids (again, because she was basically a big child herself), but she was still glad to see the girl becoming less shy. She turned around and smiled a glossy smile.
    "Ohhh, Spira is amazing. It's basically a beach resort world. Sun, sea, sand, but not the gross, Tatooine kind. Fine white sand. It's the BEST place for a vacay!" she explained, pumping a manicured fist in the air with enthusiasm, apparently blissfully unaware that people from Tatooine were not the types to be able to so easily jet off on vacations to expensive resort worlds. "'course the sand is SUPER FINE so you gotta watch your heels there. They tend to advise you wear like, flip flops or sandals or something, but, hey, I never give up my style for ANYTHING," she beamed, as if that wasn't obvious enough.

    "Well, here we are," she said, waving at the building. "Boring Paperwork Building time. THEN we can have some fun!" She grinned.

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    The main receiving building was a simple circular structure, with stuccoed duracrete blocks. The dark teal of the rounded roof held offshoots of comm towers and antennae's, and a smattering of draped conduits and wiring that spread out to other smaller offshoot buildings. Glowlights on posts were everywhere along the perimeter, marking pathways and borders. Native birds could be heard in the trees a short ways off, and a myriad of maintenance workers bustled all about. Handlers, refueling crews, and other passengers were busy going about their day. Everything was quaint yet... there was a sophistication in the air. No doubt the sort of feeling that came with being in a place that had become the new home of the Jedi.

    Still carrying Yufi's crate, Rodi managed to spy another brown-robed Jedi - perhaps a Master? Or maybe a Knight? Who knew.

    Stepping through the massive arching entryway, the Shistavanen managed to herd the other two along with him toward a counter with a Bith tending to another arrival.

    Almost ponderously, he set the crate down. Shifting his attentions to his shoulder pack, he pulled out the travel documents for himself and Zeni, managing to catch his cub's next round of questions.

    "Adai and I came frrom Tatooine. It's not so bad, but dherre's surre 'nough a lot o' sand. Dherre was festivals in dhe towns dhat was always fun, with crrystals made frrom settin' dhe sand on firre."

    Zeni thought for a few moments, then went on.

    "Is dhat what a 'vacay' is? Like a festival?"

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    Yufi looked over at the Jedi Knight nearby, and quickly ducked behind Rodi, trying to stand to the side of him so that she wouldn't be seen by the other Jedi. This was not entirely effective, given her hot pink skin and glittery appearance, but there was an attempt anyway.
    "Soooo, I'm probably, technically, not meant to be sneaking off to pick up my shopping," she explained in a slight whisper, to explain why she was hiding. Not that the other Jedi seemed to care. Either they knew what Yufi was like by now, or they hadn't realised she was an initiate, given her completely NON-Jedi like dress sense.

    "Ohh, crystals sound fun though!" she remarked, turning back to Zeni, even as she stayed hidden. "Mostly Tatooine sounds sucky, but festivals and crystals sound great." What? Yufi was easily won over by shiny things. That shouldn't surprise anyone.

    "Whaaat? You've never been on vacation?" Yufi asked. "It's great! It's where you go somewhere, but JUST to relax, or have fun! And you don't have to worry about anything but chilling out and seeing fun stuff and- Well, okay, to be honest, it's pretty much what I do most of the time, but at even COOLER places," Yufi grinned.

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    Knowing that Zeni was fully engrossed with Yufi, Rodi stepped up to the Bith attendant, setting his the flimsis with his and his cub's documents queued up for inspection. The Bith to them both, giving them a once-over.

    "Inbound frrom Tatooine," he offered, and the attendant simply nodded.

    "Not'in' to declarre, frriend."

    Another nod in affirmation.

    Zeni, however, was quite happy to let her Adai deal with the grown-up stuff. The thought of going away and visiting a place to not do anything but have fun was an absolutely wonderful thing!

    "Oh! I've neverr been on a vacation! Sounds amazing t'me!"

    A sudden thought took her, and the cub dug into the front pocket of her trousers. A little pink tongue poked out past her lips for a moment as her fingers closed around the object she always carried with her, and pulling it out, she held it up for Yufi.

    "My Ama bought this forr me frrom the last festival we all went to."

    She held up a thin braided cord that had been strung with multicolored beads in turquoise and a mottled, almost smokey orange, with silver metal accents. The pendant that dangled from it was a shimmering, faceted teardrop that seemed to catch the light of the glowpanels high above them, creating a cascade of rainbow reflections.

    "I keep it forr good luck," she beamed wide.

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    "It IS an amazing time! Also, it's an excuse to go shopping, which is ALWAYS fun! Both before you go, to get stuff FOR the vacation, and while you're there, to get stuff you can only get ON that planet!" Yufi explained cheerfully, because apparently she hadn't yet gotten to the 'no attachments' part of her training. Or, if she had, she was flunking it. Badly. However, Zeni seemed to suddenly become excited and moved to show Yufi something.

    Yufi responded with just as much excitement and curiosity, leaning in to see what the girl would produce. When she pulled it out, she revealed a braided cord, and Yuffie beamed a smile.
    "Ohhh, cute!" she said. "It's kinda like the ones padawans wear!" Not that Yufi was a padawan yet, so she didn't have her own braid, and her's would be jewelled, since she didn't have hair. "You should wear it, connected to the fur on your head, like this," Yufi took it, and threaded it into the girl's fur. "See! Now you look like a real padawan!"

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    Her jaw fell open in surprise, feeling as Yufi expertly wove the necklace into her tuft of headfur. And when the Twi'Lek girl pulled back, Zeni gingerly reached up to tap at the crystal pendant that now dangled past the back of her ear to rest over her narrow shoulder.

    "Woowwww," she whispered low, tilting her head from one side to the other as the feel of the new added weight was so different.

    Of course, there was something that Yufi had said that perked the Shistavanen cub's ears forward, and her attentions once more fixated on her new friend.

    "A... a padawan?!" she squeaked out. "A Jedi padawan?!"

    Her breath quickened, and Adai was completely forgotten - he was still talking with the Bith, anyway.

    "Are you going to get one too? Or... " she took a half step closer, going up on her toes and craning her neck to try and spy Yufi's padawan braid, "... or do you already have one?"

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    Yufi beamed a smile at how happy the young girl was with her newly fitted braid. Growing up on Ryloth, Yufi had never really seen the appeal of fur or hair. Oh, yes, sometimes, she looked at other humanoid species and their extravagant hairstyles and thought they looked impressive, but it just seemed like so much effort to control. Plus, there was the weird fact that apparently species had no control over their hair or fur. It just grew and hung... limply. To a twi'lek, who had sensitive feeling and could move their lekku enough to communicate, that thought seemed utterly alien and bizarre. But the way the little braid looked so adorably threaded through the girl's headfur, Yufi had to admit, it was awfully cute.

    "Uh, yeah, I'm totally gonna get one, but I don't have one yet," Yufi admitted, a little awkwardly because she didn't like admitting that she STILL hadn't been picked to be a padawan. "I'm not a proper padawan yet. Until I find a master, I'm just a Jedi Initiate. But, y'know, I'm sure it'll happen soon! I'm super awesome and doing REALLY well at my training," well, she would if she bothered to turn up for half of it, Yufi told herself, "So it's only a matter of time! Mine will be a tiny bit different though so it attaches to my headdress. Padawan Braids always vary from species to species. Humans use their own hair! How weird is that?" she remarked with a smile.

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    It was a thought that ellicited a studious look from the little cub, and Zeni skewed and pursed her lips. Soon enough though, she met Yufi's eyes once more.

    "I bet if they wove beads and charms into their hair, it would be neat, though!"

    As she talked, she moved to a side wall that had a row of seats. Adai was still talking business and making sure that they were going to be allowed to stay, and so Zeni figured that it would be best to just sit and wait, and talking about what it's like to be a Jedi seemed the greatest ever thing to talk about. She beckoned for her new Twi'Lek friend to join her.

    "When you get to be a Padawan, do you get to go on adventures with the Masters?!" Another question popped immediately into her thoughts, "Oh!! And when you're a Padawan, do they let you go to that big, old library to check out any book you want?!"

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    Yufi paused to consider Zeni's point about weaving beads and charms into hair. She took it seriously, despite the young girl's age.
    "Hmm, I bet it would look cute, but it'd probably feel really weird. I dunno, I mean, I once read that humans can't actually feel anything in their hair, but that CAN'T be right, can it?" she remarked, wrinkling her nose in thought. That idea seemed entirely strange to her. Wearing decorations on her lekku were nice, but she could certainly feel it, and too many beads or charms could end up feeling weird. Was hair just like, some dead thing that flopped around on human's heads? So weird.

    "Oh, like, TOTALLY! I'm gonna have SO MANY ADVENTURES! Just you wait. I've already had some but I'm gonna have them all! I'm gonna be the greatest Jedi who ever lived, just you wait!" she grinned. "Oh, I can go in the library now, even as an Initiate. But who'd wanna do that? Books are borin'! I much prefer DOING! Going out and actually having adventures, and practicing with my lightsaber, and all that stuff, than just sitting in, reading books."

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    Zeni was entranced, wide eyes and mouth slightly agape as Yufi showered her with grand tales! But, there was one thing that caught her attention the most, and that was that anyone could go into the Great Library! Of course, Yufi didn't seem to show much interest in a place that had so many books. It didn't daunt the cubling though, and Zeni reached out to excitedly grasp her friend's hand in a tight grip.

    "But just think! There are so many books there! And I bet - since it's a library - that they have picture books! Can you imagine that?! It would be like flimsicomics!"

    A quick look to Adai, and it seemed that he was finishing up with his business, and there was a loose look to the way he stood. It was the best of signs!

    Of course her attentions were immediately returned to Yufi.

    "I have a few flimsicomics, but they're mostly about Captain Coruscant and some that have stories of a Jedi group that battles Sith on Yavin. My favorite is one called Iron Mandalorian. It's sooooo good!"

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    Yufi paused to consider this new information from Zeni.
    "I DO prefer it when books have pictures..." she said thoughtfully, and completely without irony. But she still preferred to be out having adventures than she did wanting to stay in and read boring books in some stuffy library.

    Zeni went on to talk about her favourite flimsicomics, which Yufi happily listened to, because of course, she also read them.
    "Ohh, I've read some of those! Have you read the Galactic War crossover where Captain Corsucant and the Iron Mandalorian fight each other? It's sooooo good!" Yufi shared excitedly. "Ohh, and the one where the Scarlet Sith goes insane and breaks apart the whole team?" she added, still excited to continue discussing her flimsicomics, since nobody else she knew still read them. "I looked in the library. They've got like a billion books on Jedi history, not one flimsicomic, it's not fair," she added with a jokey pout.

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