Clea had arranged for some extra meetings to be scheduled so she would have free time to go on the hike with the princess. She was used to adjust her timeline with last minute additions and she generally tried to have some off-duty moments. While she was very devoted to her job, she had learned early on that burnout was a bad thing for anyone, including herself.

She appreciated that Aria Sihin introduced her to Chete and Atatiye, still learning new things about the Epicanthix. She had done research prior to her diplomatic visit and had read some more since then but it was always different when interacting with actual natives.

Her normal chauffeur and part time mechanics and old-time bodyguard had followed behind but would not participate to the climb. Hasla was no fan of hiking and they trusted Clea's words that she would be safe with the princess's guards. For many years her status hadn't warranted constant security and while she had increased it in certain cases, she knew she would be fine.

Dressed in practical clothing, dark brown pants and boots with a teal sport shirt, she tamed her black curls into a ponytail. She had most of her gear and supplies in her backpack, with a few at her utility belt.

She loved Naboo especially this area. While Theed was a lovely city and the lake area was touristic for a reason, these weren't her favorite regions. The weather was perfect, sunny but with some puffy clouds and a nice breeze. And it was still early enough in the day that the temperature remained agreeable.

Her attention was divided between the princess and the bakery, especially as the freshly made goodies smelled absolutely divine. She grinned at the other woman. "I am glad we could make it at this time of the day, as it's one of their three daily batches of fresh baked goods."

She opened the door for Aria to go in, and let one of the guards go along, before stepping inside, followed by Chete. Hasla was happy to just hang out in the shadow. They had no desire for this type of pastries. The little bakery was well organized with warm colors and quality wood countertops. A middle aged woman named Dinya greeted them and asked for what they would like.

Clea looked at Aria and gestured towards some of the displays. "These are the canneles I mentioned, and if you'd like to try something else, may I suggest some mouchous as well?"

Dinya chuckled. "I see you have visited us before."