Gallo Mountains, Naboo.

Time seemed to extend and yet collapse, an intricate puzzle that demanded even greater attention and organization than before. Clea had felt it to be the most significant adjustment since she had been nominated as Secretary of Education under the new Prime Minister's leadership. Access to education and quality of curriculum, beginning with literacy and other life skills, had been a driving force since she was younger and reaching such heights meant a lot to her; because she believed fiercely in the importance of education. It was more foundational than many wanted to admit. Her progressive views would also likely be at odds with more conservative politics in the government but she took dossiers one at a time, knowing when to collaborate and when to make a stand. One didn't climb up in the political hierarchy without solid observation and negotiation skills, along with a healthy dose of shrewdness.

Shutting down the datapad on which she had been reviewing some last minute matters, Clea sent a message to her two assistants. Her chauffeur stopped at their destination right on cue, her timing impeccable, which made her lips briefly curve in a smile. She thanked the Rodian, a longtime employee of hers. They made some brows raise in question; but they were a fantastic hacker and a good shot, besides their mechanical skills, which had come in handy on certain occasions.

"Thank you, Hasla."

With a nod, the brunette left the vehicle, climbing up the large stairs leading to the Overny mansion, for the Naboo family had lent their property, including the infamous "Moon Grove," which had given its name to the new festival. Clea had been on the advisory committee since she was still a Dean at the Keresnaya University on her home world of Centares. She had personally traveled to meet with representatives for this joint event, celebrating various cultures, both from official Alliance worlds and some that were still independent. She had seen such events be fruitful in the past and believed that expanding beyond the usual "guests" would be good, and bring new blood and ideas to the table.

It was now mid-afternoon and while the gala would only begin in a few hours, she had wanted to arrive early, still taking this very seriously and if her new position could help support such endeavors, it was another good reason to have carved time for this trip to Naboo. She had worked on several occasions in the past with the University of Theed, which was one of the main patrons of the festival.