“Lessons of the Ancients”
Class at 15:00

Former Inquisitor of the former Emperor Sheev Palpatine, Lana Wake aided in the foundation of the Imperial Knight’s and the Citadel. After the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, she shifted her focus on the collection, preservation and teaching of forgotten and missing artifacts throughout the Galaxy. [Today], she shall be teaching cadets the importance of these relics and the need to understand trivial cultural norms across the stars.

- - - -

The holoscreens scheduled this lesson weeks ago. An open lecture with no given timed duration, optional to attend and wonderfully academic. Whilst ‘Lessons of the Ancients’ may be a good book title, it may bore the youthful. It had been a few years since the former Sith had been seen inside the Citadel, let alone in nearby space. Her appearance brought some lukewarm joy to those who knew her name and deeds… though those were few in number.


Coming out of hyperspace, a blurry vessel zipped into existence, appearing just beyond Coruscant’s reach. A Lambda-class T-4a shuttle, swift and smooth, began its approach through the vastness of the void. Passing the vessel by, various cargo crafts, civilian vehicles and TIE fighters zipped by. With its two wings outstretched, it glided through the dark. The bright surface of the econopolis came closer and closer until the ship’s front began to emit flames from entering orbit. Shields automatically warranted the thermal energy harmless, removing the beauty of fire from the pilot's view.

As the black faded fantastically into morning blue skies, the cityscape came into view. A beautiful, vast maze of skyscrapers, manufactured hillsides of factories and streets that went down hundreds of miles into the ground. Endless streams of speeders and hovercars, gliding through the air in an organized, majestic fashion. No end to the structures, gigantium, causing shadows over everything they tower over. As the shuttle lowered toward an open, clear space where few other ships dared fly, the radio began echoing a calm male voice throughout the cockpit. “Shuttle S-3-54, this is a restricted airspace: please transmit clearance codes.”
“Of course~” a feminine, equally calm voice of imperial origin responded. With a single click of a bright blue button, there was a brief pause before a reply was given.
“Thank you, shuttle S-3-54. Please dock in landing bay C without delay. Welcome to the Citadel.”

The ship glided towards the former Jedi Temple, the fortress of four small towers and a single large beacon. Nothing surrounded the structure, nothing overshadowed it. Even on Coruscant, the structure was an archaeological anomaly and ancient wonder.

It came to land within one of the many hangers the Citadel hosts. Both the wings folded upwards to meet at the top fin, landing gears bouncing slightly at the pressure of the ground. As the engines powered down, a ramp lowered at the back of the ship. Stepping down from this incline, a blonde Human in a black attire, a red rose with two yellow stems resting comfortably within her hair. Pumped boots skillfully balanced themselves down the ramp. Reaching the bottom, bright blue eyes glanced around the cargo bay, investigating a welcome party. They would meet with a detachment of a protocol droid, smaller machines and two Stormtroopers. Offering them a soft smile, she withdrew a datapad from her satchel-- gifting it towards the protocol droid before it even arrived.

“The manifest~” she explained in a calm, sunny tone. “Be of extreme care. The boxes are marked: take B-Eight to the lecture hall where I shall be teaching.”
“Of course, m’am” the droid acknowledged. “Do you require any guidance?”
“No~” Lana giggled quietly. “I know this temple well.”
Without further words, the woman began to walk away from her ship- the droid watching her leave with large glowing eyes in confusion. Nodding to one another, the soldiers boarded the ship and began to extract the precious cargo.

It was a few hours until the lecture would begin. The Citadel was a large place. Lana had some business visits before she could relax.