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    Imperial - Open Imperial Rhapsody

    OOC: Takes place before this thread.


    "When was the last time you had food?"

    Elarys stopped in her tracks in the middle of the meeting room that had been her home in the past days.

    "I don't know," the young brunette replied in earnest. She had been immersed in the preparation of the Gelinera School's upcoming major conference. This event could bring vast improvements to the imperial education system; and she had been giving her everything to it, even at the detriment of her own health. It was a family trait so to speak...

    Dedral stared at her and shook his head.

    "Go get something to eat. We've all taken more breaks than you. We even remember to sleep at times. If you pass out before the conference, it would be counterproductive."

    She bit back a retort, because she knew her own limits. Yet as low on the food chain, and hoping this project would bring her new opportunities, she kept her comment to herself and just nodded.

    "I'll be back soon."

    Assistant Dean Dedral tsked her.

    "Take a couple of hours if you'd like. You've been pacing for a while."

    Yes, it helped her be more creative and solve problems better.

    The brunette fetched her jacket and put it on, complimenting the dark grey shirt and the black pants she was wearing. The conference would have her be more dolled up; but for hours stuck organizing an event, comfort was key. She slid her datapad in the zipped inner pocket and headed out.

    When she hit the lobby of the building, she saw that it was already evening time. It didn't really matter given that Imperial Center was an ever-busy place., which also meant that finding food was an easy feat.

    With a shrug, Elarys stepped onto the streets, debating whether to just walk or grab a taxi speeder.

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    The doors of The Royal, a busy restaurant in the heart of Imperial Center, were often frequented by Imperial Officers as well as civilians. Major Tiberius Raal of the Imperial Army was one of these customers, though it had been several months since his last visit. He wore his black dress uniform, the lilac piping around the collar indicating his speciality as a tanker. His arm was in a sling, prompting a look of shock from Emily, one of the waitresses, who rushed over to him almost immediately after he stepped across the threshold.

    "Major! What happened?!" She enquired, genuinely concerned, "The guys...?"

    Tiberius shook his head, a sad smile on his face. He was touched by her concern, yet it left him feeling exposed.

    "I'm afraid our luck ran out, Emily. It's just me," he said, his gruff voice adequately hiding any pain he might be in.

    She stifled a gasp, covering her mouth. She looked like she wanted to hug the officer, but she restrained herself, instead laying a hand on his shoulder.

    "I'm so sorry, Major. Come, sit down, your booth is free. Whiskey?"

    "A bottle, if you wouldn't mind.Thank you, darlin'," he replied, crossing to the booth he favoured and sitting down as she rushed away.

    Tiberius watched as she went behind the bar, speaking in hushed tones to Marcella, the proprietor. The older woman held a hand to her heart, shaking her head before whispering back to Emily, who grabbed a bottle of fine Corellian malt. Bringing it over, the waitress smiled.

    "Madame Marcella asked me to pass on her condolances, and to tell you that the whiskey is on the house," she said, placing the bottle on the table, along with a glass, "Let me know if you need anything else."

    "Thank you, sweetheart. And my thanks to Madame Marcella as well."

    Emily smiled and nodded before returning to her work and leaving Tiberius alone. He picked up the bottle, unscrewing it one-handed with the skill of a man who had obviously done so many times. After pouring himself a generous measure, he raised the glass.

    "Here's to ya, fellas," he muttered from behind a smile, then downing the contents.
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    While Elarys had been raised in an upper-middle class family, she knew the value of money and hard work, having gone through all of her higher education studies on scholarships, often including on campus work. She had put money aside so she would be able to rent a small studio apartment in Imperial Center; but she had been careful with any other spending. Yet, she had been mostly cooped up with non-stopping work in the last while, and relied mostly on salads and ration bars. So, she decided to actually enjoy the break she had been ordered to take.

    That was why she had decided to go to The Royal. She had only been there once, when her sister-in-law Shana had visited and taken her out for a few hours of relaxation. Granted, both women were good at being so work oriented that they could end jotting notes down for their respective projects, in the middle of a meal.

    Smiling at those memories, Elarys appreciated the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant. She stopped in her tracks as she saw one of the waitresses approach a man in front of her, a member of the military, given the uniform. She noticed his arm in a sling and heard the exchange. She didn't interfere, for it wasn't her place; but she felt sorrow for this man's loss.

    When the coast was clear, she headed towards the bar; but her footsteps took her close to the officer's booth. On a whim, and out of respect for his station and actions, she stopped at his booth.

    "Sir, I do not mean to interrupt; but I wanted to thank you for your service."

    Her posture and tone indicated that she was genuine in her words and admiration. Not wanting to intrude long, she was ready to keep going and leave him be.

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    "...thank you for your service."

    Truth be told, Tiberius had always felt uncomfortable hearing those words; he never new how to adequately reply. It was not that he was unappreciative of the sentiment, but over the course of his career he had done many things that no man should be thanked for doing. Necessary things, yes, but still. Regardless, the Major looked up with a smile at the young woman; attractive but at least 30 years his junior.

    "You're welcome, Ma'am, thank you."

    Before he had time to continue, loud wolf-whistles rose from the other side of the bar, directed at Elarys. The smile quickly faded from Tiberius' grizzled face, replaced by a look of scorn and contempt as his gaze found the source of the commotion. A trio of young Naval Lieutenants stood by the bar, laughing and clearly intoxicated.

    "Excuse me, Ma'am..." He said, lifting himself from the booth.

    As it happened, the black sling he was wearing had been covering his rank insignia plaque. He pulled the sling back now as he stood imposing before the now ashen faced young officers, who snapped to attention. Silence reigned for a moment that seemed like an eon before Tiberius' snarling voice spoke up.

    "You fucking Navy brats. That young woman was just thanking me for the job we do and you disgrace our uniform by acting like lecherous fucking smugglers."

    The furious tanker practically spat the words, yet did not raise his voice. In some ways, the quiet menace was far more effective, especially when it was very much genuine.

    "Report to the Imperial Motorpool in Sector 5 at 0400 hours, you're going to hand clean every vehicle in my unit. Leave your names and CO's with the Madame of this fine establishment and get the fuck out."

    "Sir, yes, sir," the chastised trio chorused, utterly defeated and dejected.

    Still fuming, Tiberius watched as they did as instructed. When they had left, he turned back and returned to Elarys side.

    "Very sorry about that, Ma'am. Can I get you something, by way of an apology?"
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    Elarys nodded and was about to step away from the officer's booth, not wanting to intrude further; but the wolf whistles happened. It wasn't the first time, nor the last time; but she hated when they happened in such public places. It always made her feel self conscious. While it wasn't something that only happened on the capital world, she had found it way worse around here, than back home. It was as if being in Imperial Center was reason enough to get loose. She found it all the more disgusting given that the Empire was ruled by a woman.

    She stayed quiet as she watched the officer, a Major for what she gleaned from his insignia, chastise the disgusting trio. She was shocked for she hadn't expected that. She didn't want to make it look as if she was defenseless; but she appreciated the gesture more than she expected.

    After the admonition and the trio scampering off, she bowed her head to the officer, still surprised.

    "I... I appreciate you stepping in very much, Sir."

    She felt tongue-tied and hated it. She quickly pulled herself together.

    "I apologize for causing the commotion in the first place."

    A faint smile formed on her lips, though it didn't completely reached her eyes.

    "You very much reminded me of my late brother with how you handled these punks."


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