Aboard the Star Destroyer Admonisher
Somewhere near the Agamar system

Zero Seven Hundred was roped off for Squadron Briefing, which meant that by the time that Railla's feet dropped out of her rack at Zero Five Hundred, the chrono was ticking. She quickly donned her PT jumpsuit, stuffed her feet into boots, and headed for the TIE Corps fitness annex, situated down the hallway between the main pilot barracks and the mess. The burns along her right hand and arm still ached, but the squadron's medical droid had stated a few more applications of bacta would correct most of the damage. In any case, it was hardly an excuse to keep her from maintaining the rest of her body, and Railla wasn't about to get sloppy now that she was working with Shadow Squadron.

Entering the fitness annex, she searched the rows of exercise machines for a clear gravity tread to use. The annex could handle three dozen or so crew at once, and the small hours before shift change were peak use. Finding an empty tread, Railla stepped onto the beam of magnetic energy used to set a runner's pace, pitch, and resistance. She plugged her code cylinder into the control interface, which then populated her name, biometrics, and other pertinent data. Locking in a thirty minute session, she started running in place.