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    Imperial - Open What makes you strong

    The Devaronian girl smiled at her reflection in the mirror, orange skin with a few small, barely visible brown marks dotting her face and shoulders, even as she covered them with a long sleeved dress shirt. She examined her hair, dark brown with white streaks and tucked a stray hair behind her pointed ears. Everything had to be perfect today. Today was finally THE day. She buttoned the stark white shirt and adjusted the collar, making sure it was properly pressed and sharp. She had to look perfect today. The blue blazer was next, letting it sit on her shoulders as she imagined it was a slightly richer hue, a different cut of fabric. She gave herself a final once over, double checking everything that could go awry. Hair fixed. Shirt tight, bright and right. Pants had been pressed and the crease was neat against her thigh.

    She steeled herself and walked out into the hallway. A pair of twin girls ran past laughing. "MARI, TOYA!" She screamed as they nearly barreled her over laughing and playing, fingers messy with who knows what girls their age got into. They stopped to stare at their sister, Lora, and grinned wide and beaming at her. "You look stupid!" one of them laughed before returning to their parade through the hallway of their home in Tikaroo, Devaron. She shook her head and trounced down the stairs, the smell of spiced meat cooking immediately filled her nose. "That smells amazing mom." She said as she approached the simmering pot and pulled off the lid to get a closer inspection.

    Her mother, an older Devaronian with deep red skin and black hair, appeared out from behind the cooler, closing it as she went. "It should, I've spent all day slaving over that cursed stovet op. Well, help yourself, Lora. There are bowls on the table."

    It was tempting to the girl, very tempting, mother's cooking was fantastic, but... today had to be perfect. No stains, no splatters, no mistakes. "I'm just going to grab something from the pantry... actually. I don't want to mess up my clothes." She walked over to the cabinets and pulled them open, rifling through until she found what she was looking for, a box of prepackaged dehydrated meats. Her mother frowned.

    "I really wish you hadn't picked up such awful eating habits from your father last time he was home. Those things are nothing but salt." She scoffed at her daughter's eating choices and turned back to the counter top, slicing up small trays of luncheon meat for the girls' afternoon snack. "What are you so dressed up for anyway?"

    Lora unwrapped the jerky, biting into it before swallowing hard. This was it. The argument was coming and there was no turning back from it. "I'm going to the Imperial garrison to recruit." The knife clattered out of her mother's hand in response as she lost her grip on the utensil. She quickly recovered, picking it up and pointing it toward her child like an angry accusation, "We've had this conversation Lora. I don't want you in the army, it's dangerous. IF you're so insistent on serving, why don't you consider running for office? Why just last week I was talking to M'dge down the street, you know her and"

    "There's a treaty, mom." She insisted, cutting her mother off. "Not that it should matter! Damned Rebels, the Empire is being far too kind to their traitorous hides. No good treasonous, lying sons of" Now it was her mother's turn to interupt her rant. "I said NO!" She snapped back, setting the knife down and crossing her arms. "No daughter of mine is joining the Imperial forces, and that's the end of this disc-"

    "What kind of sympathizer bantha piss is that!" Lora covered her own mouth in surprise at her outburst as the older Devaronian's eyebrows raised. "Excuse you, Lora Mg'ret Hav'vrun? What did you just say to me?" This was it, no turning back for the girl's ambitions, she was rebelling here and now. "I'm joining." She insisted. "It's the law anyway. You know what I am. I didn't say anything until now because your house, your rules... but my birthday was last week... so..."

    Her mother's nostrils were doing that thing where they flare in and out rapidly that always meant she was absolutely livid, even if she wasn't yelling or screaming. "Lora. You are an adult now, you're right. I can't keep you from walking out that door and going where ever you like. But I damn well sure can keep you from walking back through it afterward. I want you to think long and hard about what's really important to you. What means the most to you. This... ridiculous flight of fancy or your loving family." She narrowed her eyes. "Choose."


    Lora pushed the application across the table to the officer she'd been brought before and smiled her widest smile. Her mother didn't get it. She never would. It wasn't some childish notion. It was her duty. It was the duty of every right and proper Imperial citizen.
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    Things were quiet on Devaron most of the time. Especially in Tikaroo. After the bombing of the old Jedi Temple during the early days of the war things had quickly settled down as those inclined to rebel or support them had moved on to other, less hostile, locations. Still despite the high number of force sensitives among their people it was rare to actually see anyone willingly put themselves forward anymore. The old families still remembered the Jedi mostly fondly so there was a silent distrust of the Empire. Most of the garrison was in fact staffed by people not from the area at all.

    Commander Rt'levt was a local however. And he was all the more surprised to hear that someone had been waiting at the front gate when they'd opened their doors that morning to civilian visitors. Usually in the course of the day he got 2, maybe 3 locals at most. Usually the same 2 or 3 in fact. Old lady M'dge usually in once a week because she's looking for her lost Rock Lizard and wanted him to send a patrol out to help look. He had to remind her, every time, that she in fact did not OWN a rock lizard. She did at least bring a lovely package of candied meat strips each time to thank him. And Mr. Yvalren, always in to report one of his neighbors as a potential Rebel sympathizer. Usually because they hadn't kept up on their yard work or had simply said something unkind to him that morning in passing.

    This morning however there had been a girl, 18 according to her now filled out form that sat before him, who had all but saluted when asked what she wanted. They were always glad to take new recruits, of course, but it was a bit odd. He thought on the last name, Hav'vrun and tried to think if he knew the family, though nothing sprang to mind. Not even Yvalren's rantings about rebels and sympathizers. They must have mostly kept to themselves.

    "Well, Ms. Hav'vrun. It all seems in order. I have to admit I'm a bit surprised someone your age wants to join up so much." He scratched at the light stubble of his cheeks. He'd been trying to grow out some sideburns, but he didn't seem to be having any luck. "If you don't mind waiting here for a while?" He said standing with the datapad that had been handed back to him and leaving his office. He read over it again as he walked, making his way to a pot of stimcaf and pouring a cup for himself.

    "So, what do you think Jym." He heard the familiar tone of his communications officer come up from behind. "She actually one of those adepts?" He shrugged and handed over the pad to the young woman, "No idea Wist, don't see why anyone would lie about it. Get that through to Imperial Centre, they're better equipped for this situation than we are."


    Meanwhile Lora was a bundle of nervous excitement. She was inside the garrison. She had turned over her paperwork, this was all happening. All of it. She pulled out her personal datapad and logged into her comnet feeds and social networks.


    That's right. I've done it... As of 0900 (that's 9 AM for you civilian types) I have enlisted.

    SO sorry to all you REBjects who thought I didn't have the courage to go through with it,
    but your worst nightmare has come true. (LOOKING AT YOU @LEIGHLOVER11)

    I'm just a chickenhawk, HUH? We'll see who's the chicken and who's the hawk.



    2/2 Also one last bit of The Lazer Lora Lore for all my LOYAL followers

    If this so-called Alliance is so righteous and just
    , why are they allied with
    The Cizerack??? A species who literally does not believe in equality!

    Really makes you think about that proclaimed
    justice and rightness from these REBELS...
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    As a thoroughly Imperial institution, the Imperial Order of the Knights of the Throne (referred to most efficiently in everyday speech as 'Imperial Knights') had bureaucracy in its very blood: its leader, Knight-General Lord Rossos Atrapes, though a truly fearsome warrior and commander, had been an administrator of the Inquisitors. Many of its members had been Inquisitors, or other members of the bureaucracy before becoming Knights as well.

    And while there was still friction between the Knights and pretty much the rest of the Imperial military establishment, most Force adepts were seen as 'the Knights' problem' and were unceremoniously transferred from whichever military branch was dealing with them to the Knights, and then dusting their hands while going on to the next, hopefully non-adept, candidate or recruit. The Imperial Knights, being a newer institution, were very much still in a drive to bolster their ranks.

    Thus, when the communication was made that there was a Force-sensitive recruit on Devaron, the Knights were quick to not only pick up on the opportunity, but also to make it a teachable affair.

    This is a long-winded explanation for why Imperial Knight-Cadet Khoovi Wan was waiting for his assigned partner to arrive so they could board a shuttle to take them to a Knight that would take them to Devaron. Being a good boy well disciplined and thoughtful lad, Khoovi had not begun to vent his growing impatience, but it was only a matter of time.

    "Any minute now," he said under his breath.

    Only a matter of time.

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    What Khoovi had expected to be a mere minute had turned into fifteen; and the Shistavanen was fixing to tear a hole in the plating beneath his feet.

    Thankfully, the doors to the landing bay resounded with echoing clacks, as the locks disengaged and the huge hydraulics hissed out their monotone song. Khoovi, and every other soul in the landing bay, turned to see.

    Before the doors had finished opening, a slender form made its way onto the brightly lit pad.

    Khoovi blanched. It was unmistakeably Knight Iscandar, and they had not fully resolved their issues. Iscandar, for her part, did not show anything; not on her face, and thankfully nothing in the Force.

    "Cadet Wan," she said, barely slowing down. "Come. You will suffice."

    "Yes," he said, and raced to match her pace to a shuttle. "I appreciate the trust and confidence."

    Palara glanced down at him, but said nothing else.

    "Our destination is Devaron. No stops," the Twi'lek called once they entered the shuttle. The preteen cadet huffed slightly and sat down across from the woman.

    "Devaron? That's in Imperial space."

    Palara's eyes drifted over to Khoovi once more. Khoovi straightened and dropped his eyes. Shutting up now...

    The shuttle lifted off.

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    Lora had been getting antsy for a while, before Commander Rt'levt had returned to his office to let her know that everything had been sent on and they were just waiting on an Imperial transport from Coruscant. It would be a little while, but it was just a couple quick spacelanes from there to here, so probably no more than a couple of hours if they were getting underway now. She shook her head, trying to keep her composure as the Commander offered to get her something from the mess. She wasn't sure she could keep anything down right now in either stomach with how nervous she had found herself becoming.

    For his part the Commander went back to his day's activity and left her alone to sit patiently in his office. Her personal datapad back out and keeping her distracted.


    You Rebbies are all the same,
    @LEIGHLOVER11 You talk about
    freedom and justice but don't put it into practice!!

    So quick to blame the Empire for every problem that happens
    What about personal responsibility? About consequences for
    your actions??

    I'm joining the Empire today because that's the RESPONSIBLE
    thing to do for someone who is a Force Adept. Or have you forgotten
    what the Jedi REALLY did? Or is that just more 'propoganda'
    according to you? You really are braindead...

    She would never understand these people. Why couldn't they just see the importance of what the Empire represented? Of the structure it provided for so many? They just wanted to tear things down instead of trying to build them up.

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    The trip to Devaron was rote; given its position near a major hyperlane, flights to and from the system were commonly only hours even from systems like Imperial Centre, which were on the other side of the galactic core.

    It was a fortunate circumstance for Imperial Knight Iscandar, as it meant that she could retreat into reports on the neutral systems and observations of Alliance fleet movements. Both of those were not engaging Knight-Cadet Khoovi Wan in conversation or even acknowledging his existence for the most part, and that suited her very well. More than twice she'd needed to studiously ignore an attempt at conversation by the young Shistavanen, and she didn't know if either of them had the patience for an aborted third attempt.

    She kept her attention firmly on the datapad and not on the feelings of guilt and awkwardness that surrounded both the young Cadet and herself until the shuttle had landed. With swift, graceful movements, she'd stowed the pad on her person and stood by the ramp while it lowered. The Cadet, equally glad for the activity to stave off what both knew was an inevitable conversation, remained silent and in position behind her and to her left.

    "Where is ze applicant?" she asked without preamble of the junior officer, likely a lieutenant, waiting for them at the bottom of the ramp. He bowed smartly.

    "Ah, this way," he said.

    He handed her a datapad with the girl's information, and led them through the base and into the waiting area, where the girl, Hav'vrun, was sitting. Iscandar did not wait.

    "You are Hav'vrun, Lora?" she asked, glancing down at the pad and handing it to Khoovi, who stepped forward to take the device and then stepped back.

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    She glanced up from her datapad as the footsteps came closer, that had become her habit over the last several hours. Focus on her social media presence, call out some Rebel scum, then look up expectantly when someone would walk by. So far it had been the normal, she assumed, routine of the Garrison. People walking to and from various offices, rooms and training areas. She almost hadn't looked up this time, almost. She was grateful for that choice when instead of the usual company a Twi'lek, flanked by a young looking Shistavanen walked in.

    She barely had time to stand, should she be standing? Should she be saluting? All her reading and studying for today seemed to evaporate from her mind as she was asked to confirm her identity. "I..." She blanched. What was her name? Her mouth went dry and she realized she should have actually eaten something more substantial before she left as both stomachs turned over at her nervousness. Her name. "Oh, yes. Yes. I'm Lora." She winced at her soft-spoken and weak that had probably come across. She'd wanted to sound practiced and prepared to make a good first impression.

    On top of that she was increasingly aware that she recognized the Twi'lek from the local recruitment poster where she was standing alongside Knight Cain.

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    Palara nodded once, a short gesture that indicated nothing.

    "I am Knight Iscandar. Zis is Knight-Cadet Khoovi Wan. Gazzer your things, we leave now."

    She turned, and started marching back to the shuttle, only to have an officer seemingly appear out of nowhere, speak to her quietly, and then leave.

    "A change of plans. Cadet, take 'er to ze ship. I apparently 'ave a conversation with ze Garrison commander."

    The Shistavanen bowed.

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    There was a moment of awkward silence.

    "Yes," the pup said finally. "Erm, this way then, Hav'vrun? Right. I'm Khoovi Wan. Nice to meet you."

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    Iscandar. Knight Iscandar. She blinked twice, her brain struggling to catch up to the words as the Twi'lek walked away leaving her with the Knight Cadet. She turned to Khoovi.

    "That was Palara Iscandar." The realization sinking in. "The Palara Iscandar. I met Palara Iscandar." She was all but muttering to herself now, eyes widening as she tried not to bounce excitedly. Of course she knew who Knight Iscandar was. She'd have to be stupid, or some sort of Rebel loving traitor not to.

    She had looked unprepared in front of Palara Iscandar. She should really stop thinking the name Palara Iscandar. She'd almost forgotten about the Knight-Cadet she'd been left with who was trying to introduce himself.

    "Oh! Yes, sorry. Nice to meet you." She gave a small wave as all decorum toward a salute or a handshake or whatever process she was supposed to do when meeting someone left her brain as she fan-girled in the most embarrassing way as she finally managed to grab the small travel bag she'd managed to throw together in the middle of yelling and arguing with her mother that morning. Just the essentials. Her journal, a few easy changes of clothes, just in case she ever needed to wear civilian attire again, some processed meat bars from the pantry - her mother had all but thrown those at her enraged at her decision - and of course the picture of dad and her from his last visit. The things she really cared enough to keep had fit in a surprisingly small space, and made her all the more certain leaving was the right decision. She just wasn't meant to live and die in this two speeder town.

    She followed along as the pair finally started walking, glancing back again at where Knight Iscandar had vanished off to.

    "So have you been a cadet long?" She asked trying to make small talk.

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    "No, not long," he replied. "I only started a few months ago. You seem excited to get started. That's good. Do you have any questions? I won't pretend to know all the answers, but what I can tell you I will."

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    Lora considered what questions to ask, she should have some but nothing was coming to mind, as she couldn't stop thinking of the Knight she'd just met. She wanted to ask what Palara was like, how cool she was, what kind of amazing missions she went on. Would the cadet even know that? She pushed back on her mile a minute thought in that direction. She was going to be a cadet herself, not some mewling fangirl asking for an autograph.

    Three questions, Lora. Think of three questions to ask, she thought, pushing herself to regain some manner of professionalism.

    "Well, okay, yeah. I have a couple." She started, her voice not resounding as strongly or a confidently as she'd like as she stalled for time to think of all three. "I guess the first one is what is it like? You know, being a cadet? Anything I should really know going into this?"


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