She stood over the sink in the small kitchen area, scrubbing at her hands with a sponge. Sometimes the red pigment of jolla root just didn't come out. It was as tenacious as a bloodstain. Thankfully there was no blood to contend with, and frankly, this mission had not included the need for her to get her hands dirty in anyway.

'Protect the girl'.

That was all that she'd been told.

And well, after a long enough time, protecting 'the girl' had become something more. She felt close to this woman who seemed so fresh to the galaxy. So pure. Maybe it reminded her of herself? Before she'd followed her brother?

That was a thought for another time.

Pursing her lips and giving a shake of her head, Senni Cyer reached out to turn the faucet off.

"You think this is a good idea? Going out and trying to find her?"