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Thread: What Didn't Happen on Eriadu

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    xxx What Didn't Happen on Eriadu

    OOC: Baska had this dream at some point between the two missions featured in this thread.


    The night was quiet, too quiet really. Baska didn’t know what to think of it. She had felt tremors in the Force, indicating that the threat was tangible and getting closer; but it was still out of her reach. The predator in her hated that and was yearning for the hunt to get bloody. She was patient but she nevertheless wanted her prey out of the shadow.

    Of course, Bismarck had tried to be gentlemanly regarding sleeping arrangements, but she had declined. She wasn’t planning to get any sleep this week; and it was alright. Meditation and stamina forged in the fires of trauma had ensured she could keep going with focused efficiency. And short power naps also made a difference.

    Standing in the doorframe leading to the small balcony, she let her senses ricochet around her, picking on nothing of particular interest. The Admiral was sound asleep, which she took a sign of trust.

    Forging an alliance with an imperial higher up had not been on her agenda; but fate had decided otherwise. She knew not where this would lead besides lucrative arrangements and having him witness moments of weakness and deep sorrow, she would have rather not shared with anybody else. She was grateful he hadn’t judged her on such things and rarely spoke of them.

    A shift warred for her attention and she stilled. It was the first time this had happened since their arrival on Eriadu.

    "You’re awake."

    The Admiral walked up close to her and she pivoted to look at him, a quizzical brow raised.

    "Your observation skills are unmatched, Lady Tankreyd."

    Baska chuckled, crossing her arms, for she hadn’t expected such an impromptu conversation in the middle of the night. She had been keeping guard as she had sworn to do, despite his recriminations that she surely could get some sleep. She had stubbornly refused, snapping about her role as protector.

    "This is why you hired me."

    She had never been shy and had conquered her share of lovers in the past twenty years; but she had considered Bismarck as off-limits, despite her unabashed banter with him. It wasn’t like her to deny herself; but this alliance was one of a kind and she didn’t want to risk it for some dalliance. She didn’t think that he would make a big deal out of it; but for the first time in forever, she worried she would make it something it wasn’t meant to be.

    And yet she stole unapologetic glances at his bare chest. The uniform suited him in ways that enthralled her rebellious nature beyond reason. Seeing him partially disrobed was equally pleasing to the eye. Less clothing would be even better, but his voice interrupted her indecent ruminations.

    "You can be quite the enigma."

    The gruffness of his tired tone stirred something deep within her besides his usual elegant accent. He was a talker, something she had learned early on. A few times she had wanted to shut him up and she bet that their verbal sparring had driven others mad.

    "And still you requested my presence."

    “You sought me a while ago as well."

    He had a point; but it had been an emergency regarding her daughter.

    "Once. You’ve asked for me more than that."

    She recognized that look in his eyes, the appreciation for a good debate. Their thirst for knowledge and civilization – the latter sometimes something that shattered upon her entrance – had participated to their gravitating towards each other.

    "You provide a rare array of talents."

    And he didn’t even know half of them, she mused, chewing on her bottom lip but still holding his piercing gaze.

    "One that might even get you in trouble among your ranks. My kind is not particularly welcome."

    Few individuals were brave enough to challenge a Sith Master; but he knew how to take calculated risks, or he wouldn’t have risen among the ranks as he had.

    "Quite understandably given your history."

    She couldn’t really disagree with this. And truth be told, she didn’t hold individuals in higher regards because they could wield the Force.

    "Keep your allies close, and your enemies closer?"

    "I wouldn’t put it that way."

    Of course, he wouldn’t. Neither would she. They had become unlikely allies by now.

    "You should get some sleep, Admiral."

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    He stared at her without answering her admonition. She had sworn to keep him alive, and she was gladly using that as an excuse to keep herself in check. The irony that as a Sith, the more she cared, the more she might excel as a bodyguard wasn’t lost on her, even though she was not going to have that conversation with him.

    “I remember you saying you wouldn’t mind if I had certain plans.”

    She didn’t move as he closed the distance between them. She held his gaze, her posture relaxing a bit despite the stern expression on her face. Had she entertained such developments in the recent months? But they had been the wanderings of a hungry soul.

    “You may also recall I am here to protect you, and this might defeat the purpose.”

    He uncrossed her arms and his hands on her bare skin made her shiver. She wanted to accuse him of playing with her, testing her; but she knew better than to truly buy into this. Neither of them was foreigner to mind games; but she knew he was earnest at that moment, and it was worse.

    “You give my memory too little credit.”

    His hand trailed up her arm, teasing the side of her chest, traversing her collarbone until it reached up to deftly stroke the side of her neck. His touch was teasing yet strong, evocative of what could come next.

    Bismarck’s confidence was captivating, and she felt the heat rise within her. He wasn’t scared of what she was. The strength beneath his imperial orderliness had intrigued her from their first encounter.

    Still, she refused to comply easily.

    “And you think too little of my word.”

    His arrogant grin maddened her. He could be a cocky asshole even standing before her half naked. She loved it and yearned to poke the beast because she knew he could take her. His insolent trespassing shattered the ennui which had permeated many trysts in the past years. She was chaos and control, and now she wanted tables to turn.

    “Do I?”

    He unceremoniously pulled her to him, gripping the back of her head, his fingers lacing into her blonde locks as he claimed her mouth, forbidding her further retort. She moaned against his mouth before his tongue slanted her lips.

    She gripped at his shoulders, molding her body against his, eager to maneuver them towards the bedroom. His immediate response was to push her hard against the doorframe, breaking their kiss to stare down at her, his gaze hot and challenging.

    That undid her along with his taking an appreciative handful of her ass, the thin fabric of her shorts an annoying barrier. She thought he was going to kiss her again but instead his voracious mouth returned to her neck as he lifted her up. She instinctively wrapped herself around him as he decided it was time to head back inside.

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    They landed on the bed as one for she still held tightly onto him, unapologetic about bringing him down with her. She wasn’t going to make it easy for him. It had been too long since someone dared taking over.

    His hands reached under flowy fabric of her tunic and she shivered at his confident and sensual exploration. Part of her was impatient and eager, having found only so much solace into her carnal adventures in the recent years; but he intrigued her more than anything else and she wanted to see how this would all unravel, how he would unravel her.

    His fingers shifted from her sides, accidentally found a slightly ticklish spot, and wandered off right at the discovery. She groaned as his hands suddenly fisted into the garment to pull it over her head, to which she opposed little resistance.

    Unabashed as she sat mostly naked before him, she cupped his face and their mouths crashed together again. She had been yearning for this for a few months now when she was willing to be honest with herself. He had fascinated her for a while and this primal nearness broke the remaining walls in their strange alliance, imperial property and Sith devilishness crumbling into their embrace.

    Shifting positions, he pulled her forcefully against his lap as she straddled him, clothes still denying them full skin-to-skin contact but she cared not. What could be a quick and hard tryst was unfolding with languid interest.

    She broke their kiss to let her mouth wander to his jawline, feeling the slight prick of his stubble for deep into the night, his clean-shaven state was no more. Nibbling down his neck, she breathed his scent in, the sensory investigation grounding her into the moment, while his caresses up her back spoke of what could come next. His touch elicited shivers across her skin, sometimes altered by scars that sought to halt the sensation; but truly made her still intact skin even more responsive.

    Footsteps and voices outside in the hallway suddenly brought her back to reality. Still clutching at the Admiral’s shoulders, she listened and cast her senses out, checking for any sign of danger. She didn’t see the satisfied smile on her companion’s face until he tilted her chin so she would look at him.

    "I’ll be fine."

    That final tone held the power she had seen him command crew and audiences with and hearing it in such intimate circumstances didn’t take anything away from its power, almost to the contrary.

    "You’d better be," she growled, leaning in to claim his lips again.

    He denied her.

    He gripped at the back of her head, fingers into her disheveled hair as he pulled her head away, exposing her breast to his gaze and his mouth. He trailed open-mouth kisses along her throat, down to between her breast, and underneath their curve, teasing her relentlessly.

    Her hips bucked into his groin when he nibbled his way to one of her nipples. Feeling his erection delighted her in the most vicious ways and she undulated against him just as she felt his mouth travel to the other side of her chest, teeth pulling at her previously neglected nipple.

    His take-charge attitude was enticing but it somehow made her restless after so many years without anyone stepping up to do exactly that. Or maybe she had never been good at behaving. Probably all of the above.

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    The push and pull of their exploration eventually led them to throw any caution left to the wind – if there was any – and rid themselves of the rest of their clothes.

    She should have known better than expecting to get her way, for she ended on all fours on the bed with the Admiral bending over her, nipping her shoulder. His cock teased her wet folds, but he didn’t take her yet, even though she wasn’t against it at all.

    Kisses trailed down her shoulder blades and upper back, distracting her to what came next: his hand trailing up one thigh, then the other, mercilessly teasing of what came afterwards, when his fingers oh-so-lightly flicked against her clitoris, sending shivers down her spine.

    He continued to touch her, testing her reactions, whether a whimper turned more acute if he adjusted the angle or the pressure. He had always struck her as thorough but fuck, he was the devil in the details.

    They both groaned as he finally entered her, hard and good. She let out a long exhale as he exited her before entering her again, just a little more slowly. She felt every inch of him filling her and she moaned as his strokes turned faster, bit by bit as if he rejoiced in tearing her mind and body apart.

    Her fingers gripped into the bedsheets, her head lowered, as he gripped her shoulder. She heard his breath hasten.

    "I… I want to ride you," she growled.

    The most subtle pause happened after he thrusted into her again.

    To emphasize her point, she contracted her inner walls around him, a promise of what she wanted to do to him.

    His grip on her tightened at once; but he moved away from her.

    She took that as a yes.

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    “Not yet,” he retorted as he pulled her against him, his arm caging her as his free hand moved to her clit, drawing circles, pressing just a little harder where he figured out, it had the most effect.


    She hated how he turned tables on her again; but she fucking loved it.

    She hadn’t expected him to take such a tormenting detour after she blatantly said she wanted to fuck him into oblivion. He was ever the gentleman even when he was destroying her damn sanity.

    Even as her mind was slipping away into waves of pleasure, she couldn’t resist grinding against him, knowing he was still yearning for more.

    All it earned her was him slipping two fingers inside of her, curving just so right. She gasped and moaned as he seemed hell-bent on driving her mad, unwilling to let her have her way until she crumbled into him.

    She felt her body quake more and her breath grow erratic as he continued his devilish ministrations. She reached out behind her, lacing an arm around him as she fell against his chest.

    He slowed down for a short while before increasing his rhythm again as he felt her pulse harder around his fingers. She came apart within the next moments, arching against him before she collapsed, her chest heaving.

    Her mind vaguely registered how he still held her, as he leaved languid kisses down her neck and shoulder, maintaining the sensual connection.

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    When he released his grip, the darkness coursing her veins gave her the extra surge to shift so she could face him. Her legs were shaky after her release, but she still hungered for him. Letting her desire set her power ablaze, she kissed him hard and forced him onto his back.

    He stared at her, with the mix of smug and challenge she had seen from him at times. She straddled him without hesitation, and she grinned at his expression and the groan she elicited from him as she took him all the way to the hilt.

    Undulating above him, she chose the slow torture route, getting revenge for earlier. He pulled her to him, claiming her mouth with another hot kiss, before he once again nipped his way along her jawline, down where her neck and shoulder connected, an overly sensitive and moan-inducive spot as he had discovered earlier.

    Her hands rested on his chest, fingers curling into the fine hair covering it, and on the side of his head. Having found balance again, she couldn’t help closing her eyes, sinking into the sensations.

    The moment she picked up pace, he gripped her hips, meeting her thrust for thrust. Neither of them was good at giving up any measure of control and she liked that more than she wanted to admit.

    Her thoughts had no more semblance of coherence at this point. She didn’t care, surrendering to an orgasm-nearing frenzy instead. She cried out as her second orgasm hit her, riding it out as she felt him come inside of her. She half-collapsed on top of him, as their mouths crashed together in a searing kiss, the pent-up appetites and fascination finally satiated.

    They stayed tangled into each other for a while. The only thing trespassing the silence between them the sound of their breaths slowing down and the wind outside. Baska was grateful that no small talk happened. They were both too pragmatic for that. As far as she was concerned, this was a fucking of convenience. She doubted the Admiral saw it any differently.

    She felt unexpected reluctance to leave the bed and let him pull her close for one last kiss; but the interlude had come to its final close. Without one last look, she got out of bed and put her clothes back on before stepping onto the balcony, once again keeping watch.


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