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Thread: The Finer Points

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    Vissica chuffed at the explanation, visibly frustrated by the contradictions framed by her guide to the human arts. The Selonian smoothed down the fur on her forehead with a pass of her paw.

    "It is clear that I cannot make humans more honest than they are. I will simply have to accept this absurdity and somehow operate within the construct."

    Sighing, the Knight shook her head.

    "I have also observed that humans are grossly inefficient with their allotted time at the mess facilities. They are given thirty minutes, which is more than enough time to consume a portion of food. Yet they spend this time not eating, but talking. Talking and eating at the same time."

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    There was a particular sensation that came with hearing the Selonian voice her irritations at human nature. Irritations that Jensen as a member of the very species she near-berated shared. It worryingly mirrored two adolescents gossiping about their peers rather than two intellectuals attempting to understand a culture. He wouldn't go so far as to say the two of them were bonding over their shared frustrations, but it was somewhat refreshing to find he wasn't the only individual within the Citadel unimpressed by the actions that most considered typical.

    He did wish, however, that Vissica had ended her query one statement sooner. The very sudden and clear visualization of one of the his fellow cadets speaking, his mouth filled with bolus and saliva that threatened to ooze forth with every syllable was enough to cause Jensen to swear off his next meal.

    "Laziness," His reply came first and underdeveloped. Par'Vizal took a moment to bring his memories away from the commissary and back to the library they were standing within. "Socialization, and poor manners. Most humans see meal times as a time for socialization, simply by the means that it is brought about by opportunity. Their peers are within the same space and the time is largely unregulated and not monitored. They see themselves as having those thirty minutes to choose to do with as they please and while thankfully most will converse and eat in separate spurts, they see the time as being spent accordingly so long as their meal is consumed within the allotted time period. They see no reason to consume their meal and return swiftly to studies or other duties and I believe the socialization aspect is actually encouraged."

    He had to steel himself before continuing. "As for those who," Jensen paused and was forced to swallow to resist the urging rising of bile in his throat. "Cannot seem to separate the actions. That comes down to ill teaching from a young age. It's hardly considered appropriate or acceptable but I'm afraid there will always be those that care little for such concepts."

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