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    Star Wars Classifieds

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    Do you have a character at a loose end, and you're not sure what to do with them? Do you have that nagging itch to create a new character, but aren't sure what to make? Are you just really desperate to have fifteen attempts at image verification when you register a new account??

    Maybe I can help with that!

    I have some thread/story/idea things, and I'm looking for willing victims other writers to do/take part in and such. If you have any holes of your own that need filling () feel free to toss them in the ring as well!
    Jeddesh Conflict

    Diversity Confederation
    The Galactic Empire was once known for its humanocentrism and anti-alien policies. Well, the Alien Combine fought back on Coruscant in ABY. Since, the campaign has caught steam, grown wealthy, and may have turned violent. Want to join in on the anti-human fighting machine? Spawned within the borders of the Cold War and beyond into the Alliance of the Free Planets, this group is filled with political figures aiming to gain power under the Free Planets regime and may be associated with terrorist strikes against new human outpost throughout the Free Planet settlements. Filled with Corporate big wigs, Hutt lobbyist, security and even mercenaries, all you need is an alien face with a little human hate to join this fight.

    Corporate Sector Rebel Protectors
    With the recent upset on Jeddesh, there is a call to arms for those who will fight back. Suspected Diversity Confederates or terrorist of unknown origin see Jeddesh as a perfect land to claim, and the Emerė people won't stand for their intrusion on their hidden villages. Also, there are Alliance outpost and bases the Emerė have assisted in building. Fair to great relations were forged in those times, and with the Emerė councilwoman's visit to Bothawui for more help in this case, the Alliance operatives can definitely join in on this issue to protect their comrades. Whether as an engineer whom may help their fellow clansmen in mass producing ships, operative who will get their hands dirty, or otherwise, take up arms and resist. This is your land (or your friends land) and you deserve peace.

    Resistance Fighters for Corellia take part in kicking the Empire's butt. In particular, we're a little light on "ordinary" Resistance fighters. We've got special forces veterans, shapeshifting intel agents, elite starfighter pilots, and that sort of stuff... but we don't have thugs, mercenaries, disgraced CorSec detectives, oppressed shop owners, and those kind of regular people that'll help make it feel like a Corellian Resistance (rather than an Alliance Resistance). There's room for major characters, minor characters, novelty characters... the more the merrier!

    Imperials on Corellia oppose those dastardly Resistance terrorists. We have a lot of people at the top of the Imperial hierarchy, and we've got the Imperial Knights, but we don't have many people in the middle who can do stuff / investigate the Resistance / get into firefights / etc. We're about to get some major blockade action as well as an Imperial Security Bureau contingent to work with (and annoy) CorSec - so anything from fighter pilots and stormtroopers to ISB and intelligence agents will have a nice little niche to get cosy in.

    Businesspeople on Cloud City help gentrify the Greater Javin and create a new Corporate Sector. A lot of manufacturing worlds, mining worlds, research facilities, etc were lost or made inaccessible by the Alliance-Imperial Treaty, so we're starting over, taking the remote/backwater worlds of the Javin, Yarith, and Anoat Sectors, and turning them into a new hub for industry, trade, and all that good stuff. The cream of corporate society will be getting cosy on the upper levels of Cloud City (and/or possibly at the abandoned sister city of Tibannopolis), while the lower levels are going to be filled with scummier and seedier business enterprises with ties to Black Sun, the Tenloss Syndicate, and the Hutts. If you fancy being a corporate big-wig but you're not sure what company would make a good fit, or if you want to know the best way to fit in with the criminal underworld, just toss a PM my way... I am a nerd, and I know things.

    A Verpine from Slayn & Korpil get involved with Alliance politics and stuff. Slayn & Korpil is a Verpine hive, originally from the Roche asteroids. They helped develop the B-Wing, and were transplanted en masse to Mon Calamari to keep them safe from Imperial reprisals. They've settled in and got cozy, and are now responsible for a big chunk of the Alliance's starfighter manufacture. Some political intrigue / arms race / etc type stuff is going to be happening with the Mon Calamari and Quarren Senators soon, and a Verpine representative/ambassador from S&K would be a pretty cool addition to that kind of stuff.
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    The orders were the same as always, “Kill them all!”
    The group that ended up in front of theKeep had known there were less than half a dozen in the place. Andthere were only 3 who were Lupine. A father, mother and daughter (age19). They were the last of the Sundergotte line and to slay themwould be a mortal blood to the Lupine with the end of an entirebloodline.
    Everyone had their orders. You went upto the room where the girl slept and crept in. Your skills had beenhoned over time, your precision was perfect. There was never a slip,a miss, or a sound of strangled cry from your victims.
    Till tonight...
    You stand over her bed, looking at theraven hair, the porcelain face, the chest rising and falling withsoft breaths as she slept. And you couldn't do it. Instead, you cupher mouth tight and hold her down. Your hiss for her silence stopsher cold. Fear fills those eyes and a pleading for her life. Her gazeglances quickly to the door and you know she is aware that down thehall her parents are probably in the same predicament.
    “I won't kill you.” You say...
    Words his swiftly from your mouth. Stayin the house, don't move from the bed till well after noon. Don't goanywhere but the kitchen and back to here. Stay away from windows.Don't leave the house for two days. Let the search parties find her.Don't go finding them. Wait to be discovered.
    The instructions, swift and sure aredemanded of her and once you have her agreement, you apologize. Therehas to be proof. You demand she holds out her arm. It will be swiftand sting, but it's necessary. They will test the blood. It has to behers.
    She nods and you grip her mouth tightas the knife slices swift over her forearm. Blood flows warm and thinand you coat the knife in it to be sure. Killing is messy. It has tobe messy.
    Slowly removing your hand, you fingerrises to your lips to remind her to remain still. You slip from theroom to the hall and meet the others with a silent nod. It's done.And into the night you all escape.


    I'm looking for someone willing to playhim (or her) that lets the lupine live. But there is a twist.

    Your lie is discovered.

    Now, you are both being hunted. She hasto die, and since you didn't do it, so do you.

    Anyone care to help with this char'sback story and perhaps become an ally, friend, or more, in herfuture?

    I have a volunteer for the leader ofthe raiding party, not sure how far beyond that he's willing to go.But I am seeking someone wanting to become an 'anti-Guardian' andperhaps become a guardian to a young lupine who is now the last ofher line.

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