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Thread: Welcome to the Empire - A Message from Empress Tarkin I

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    Imp Welcome to the Empire - A Message from Empress Tarkin I

    The rotating holographic symbol of the Empire faded and was replaced with one of the Empress. Dressed in her distinguished uniform based on her previous title as Moff, Miranda Tarkin's face was warm and inviting despite the severe cut of the clothing she wore.

    "It fills me with such joy that you wish to join Imperial service. And itís a not a decision to take lightly, but the dedication that we share for our great Empire has brought you to the chair you now sit in. I remember my time working at COMPNOR, just learning the basics of public speaking while running errands for my instructors in the Sector Sub-Adult group. And now look where it led me.

    Every one of you are part of something greater and there is no position too small that goes unnoticed or is unnecessary to secure a future together.Ē

    Thank you for your willingness to serve the Galactic Empire. There are various opportunities to serve her Majesty. You could consider a political or military career. If espionage intrigues you, our Intelligence Branch is looking for new blood. COMPNOR is always looking for the best and brightest young citizens to fill its ranks and if you are besieged with the use of the Force, the Imperial Knights can hone that ability in order to control that power for the greater good.

    For any questions regarding your place in the Empire's ranks, feel free to private message these individuals based on division:

    Be sure to join our Galactic Empire Group and introduce yourself in our roll call. Please post a Character Plotter so not only the Empire, but also the rest of the community can get to know your character. Don't forget to look under the profile of your character and chose the proper permission settings so your rank in the Empire can show up under your character's name when you post.

    Please feel free to ask any questions in the Group you join as our Galactic Empire forum is for IC roleplays only. You can also private message any forum moderator or anyone part of the Empire, as we're all here to help with any questions and plot ideas.

    Current Events


    In which we try to figure out and find who is responsible for a recent attack on the remote Ord Trasi shipyard.

    Current Events

    Royal Proclamation

    The annual Children's Gala is underway at the Imperial Palace. Guests from all over the Galactic Empire are attending and the Empress has a special announcement to make.

    Insurgents are attempting to overthrow rightful Imperial Rule and the Galactic Empire is trying to stabilize the current climate of unrest.

    The Cold War
    The Galactic Empire and the Alliance of Free Planets are currently in a cease fire due to the nature of both sides having Starkiller Missiles at their disposal. It has become a Cold War between the two governments as neither wants to annihilate the galaxy into dust.

    *if you want to have a link to a thread detailing the current events of the Galactic Empire, please private message me for approval. thanks!
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