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    Writing Musical Numbers

    Charley and I had a discussion a while back. This is what came of it.

    Ben to Shuvin: We’re Smugglers!

    Now this life I know
    Ain’t the easiest way to live
    Always one step from
    Breaking down and never coming back

    I chose this, so did you
    You knew what this was coming to:

    We’re smugglers, we’re smugglers, we’re smugglers, we’re smugglers!

    System to system
    From job to dirty job
    Flying under the scanners
    On a set of secondhand spanners

    We do what we gotta do
    Anything to just make it through
    But no one gets to say
    “You’ve gotta do it my way!”

    Oh I turned my back on the straight and clean
    To fly the stars free and lean
    Only what we’ve got on board
    To make it through to the
    Next score
    Oh we’re dancing next to security
    Every day we stake our liberty
    On the engines that we
    Fixed up with anything that we could see

    Oh what can we do
    But fly down the hyperlane we set onto
    It may seem like our paths are set
    But all it takes is some new coordinates
    And we’re off, to find new contraband
    To move through some sleight of hand
    If there’s a market, you know we got it
    Pocket our credits and then forget it!

    (Ben and Shuvin dance with smugglers in the background tap dancing)

    System to system
    From job to dirty job
    Flying under the scanners
    On a set of secondhand spanners

    We’re runners, freighters,
    Spacers and star sailors oh

    We’re smugglers, we’re smugglers, we’re smugglers, we’re smugglers

    Our life it ain’t easy
    Looking for a slice of liberty
    Find it on our ships in the middle of the black
    I think I found it and I’m never going back

    We’re smugglers!
    The galaxy’s jugglers!
    It ain’t a romance,
    But it’s what we’ve got!

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    Yay I love this :-) you're inspiring me to step up my game

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    Palara to Eluna in La Fille Qui Pouvait Aimer Sans Coeur - “Love Is Not Pure"

    PALARA: 'E 'as told you, 'as 'e not? And you can see 'e is not 'ole.

    ELUNA: I don't think it's right. He deserves some happiness. And, I don't know, maybe I can be the one to make him happy.

    PALARA’S face gains a haughty, yet sad expression. A slow jazz tune (piano, drums, trumpet, and bass) starts playing.

    I see ze look in your eyes
    Pools of stars and moonlight
    Ah, you poor zing, you are in love

    You've 'eard ze tales, I see
    Of true love conquering
    Of a love steady and sure
    You 'ave not yet learned my dear
    Zat love, oh love, is not pure

    Life is no garden, love is no flower
    In ze end, love 'as not ze power
    To heal one's scars, to ease one's pain
    Zere is no comfort in ze touch, in ze flame
    For love, it is no cure
    For love, it is not pure

    Love is a song, yearning for completion
    A wistful sweet tune, a melody for two
    Yet in ze end, destined for frustration
    For love, soft sweet love, is not true
    Merely echoes, echoes in lonely solitude

    The music rises into a crescendo. ELUNA frowns and shakes her head, but PALARA continues:

    You say 'non, it cannot be!
    True love exists, for 'im and me!'
    Oh poor girl, so full of 'ope and fears
    'Ere, in zis life of pain and tears
    Love is tinged with grief
    Melancholy, so bittersweet

    The force of PALARA'S voice and the music seemingly push ELUNA back off her feet, she wipes her eyes and looks up at PALARA, who looks down at her. The music dies back to a soft and sad tune.

    And now you see, despite its lure
    Eet is all lies, just flashing lights
    Zat love, it eez not true, it eez not pure

    PALARA helps ELUNA back up. Despite her words, ELUNA still looks determined. A complicated expression of pain, anger, disgust, sadness, commiseration, and yearning passes over PALARA'S face but is gone in a moment, leaving just the stern haughty woman that ELUNA has met.


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