Khendon arrives at an orbital installation over the Imperial Center. He is greeted by several armed guards in ceremonial red uniforms, they look at him, their young eyes filled with self assurance and inner strength. Khendon merely looks at them coldly; not waiting for them to form up he walks over to the customs checkpoint.

Khendon looks at the officer who gives a salute as he reads Khendon’s ID card and barks out some greeting Khendon fails to notice. After several seconds of scanning the officer confirms Khendon’s identity and Khendon walks over to a room were a man awaits, his aid. The man goes up to Khendon and starts babbling about the area, giving facts and figures Khendon doesn’t care about. “Take a note: I wish a secure line to Viscera in my quarters on the planet open when I get there.” The aid nods and walks off.

Khendon enters the shuttle as he is lowered to the planet; he looks out the view port and looks at the crowded zone. As his shuttle descends he sits back and sips a cup of coffee, he had been up for forty-seven hours looking over information and working on paperwork. He sighed as the craft landed.

The hatch opened and stairs descended. Khendon got up, robes flowing in the air. He moved towards a door near the end of the landing pad. After several minutes he arrived at his quarters. There a monitor was on with a ‘please hold’ message on it. Khendon cursed and hit a red button, disabling the ‘please hold’ and directly routing him to his leader.
“I’m sorry for disturbing you so early in the morning, I would just like to tell you I have dealt with all of the mass amounts of paperwork dropped onto me and that I am hear, on planet, awaiting orders or such… This area allotted doesn’t allow for a large amount of expansion… but I’m sure I’ll find some planet to take over and colonize… or decolonize.” Khendon grins wickedly as he looks at the solid face of Viscera, who doesn’t even break a smile.

Khendon coughs slightly to break the silence and curses as the following plays:
“Hello, I am sorry I can not come to the monitor right now, I’ll be with you in a few minutes, I am currently working to make your life better.”

Khendon curses again and pushes a black button, cutting the secure line and turning off the monitor. Khendon looks around the ornate room cursing some more and activates a line to the nearest warehouse that sells rare furniture.