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Thread: Greetings and salutations

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    Lord Kal Igula

    Greetings and salutations

    I am a young noble lord seeking to... *waives hand around in air while searching for the right words* expand my horizons, one could say.

    I sent my personal attache on a fact finding mission some time ago and from his reports this place seems to be the most promising for my desires.

    Soo... *picks a piece of lint off of his red cloak* what must one do to join this establishment?

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    Darth Viscera
    Instructions for joining:

    1. Do you have any other characters who are in any other groups? Speak truthfully on this one.
    2. Army or Navy or Starfighter Corps position?
    3. Have you any roleplay experience?
    4. How can you be contacted? Do you have AIM, MSN, ICQ?
    5. Are you willing to devote your life to the cause of restoring the New Order?

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    Lord Kal Igula
    1. I do have other characters. Kal is my 4th. I will email you their names and affiliations.

    2. Kal would prefer to start in the Starfighter Corps.

    3. I have roleplayed personal hand to hand combat mostly. I am looking to learn more about fleet rpg.

    4. MSN & email:

    5. Lord Kal is willing to pledge his life and very existance to the GMA if you don't mind him being a vicious killer.

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    Lord Kal Igula
    OOC: I got sick at the end of last week so I only got the list to you today.

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    Darth Viscera
    You can also join the Intelligence division, if you wish.

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    Lord Kal Igula
    So where do you want me to report for duty?

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    Darth Viscera
    Report to <a href=>Paradigm</a> for your coded briefing. I have allowed you entrance into the password-protected forum. I have emailed you the password to decrypt your own Intel-coded messages so we can send coded messages, etc. I sent it to this email account:

    Remember your password, store it somewhere safe, etc. You'll definitely need it in the future. To use Paradigm, click on the paradigm link, which is located at the top of the page on the Paradigm forum. Then, use control v to paste the text you need decoding in the main text box, and type the password in the password field. Then click decode. You can also enter any text you wish, encode it with your password, and send it to me, to ensure private communiques.


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