Rathe walked down a back ally in Coronet City late at night as he often did. Often times drifting in and out of hole in the wall bar's scattered about the slum parts of the city. In his mind it was his city he owned it, it was all his playground to do whatever he felt like.

Every new woman he met was possible new plaything. Ever man he met was his to exploit and use how he saw fit. The only thing standing between him and his fun where the authorities. They were his to, to toy with and play real life cops and robbers with.

He didn't know why he thought that way it just always had been that way. The only person he had ever really cared about besides himself was his mother. He didn't really understand the attachment to her since he cared about no one else but it was what it was. Not that Rathe was much of a deep thinker he went with his intuition rather than thinking them through.

As he walked he whistled a little tune occasionally doing a little strut for no other reason than to amuse himself. He had no destination in mind he would let his footsteps lead him down whatever path he was to follow this night. He walked passed a hooker at the end of the ally giving her a wink and smile as he passed by. Even though to himself he was thinking dam she ugly.

As he wondered pondering nothing important he came to stop in the next ally over. He looked to his side seeing a metal door with one of those fancier electric locks. It seemed so out of place in this part of the city no one had the scratch to buy something so high tech. He stared at it caught his attention fully almost compelling him to investigate.

There had to be something great behind that door but what could it be. Why was it here in the worst parts if it was so valuable? Why would someone want to hide such a thing here? Maybe to hide it in plain sight where no one would think to look.