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Thread: Black Sun roll call 2010

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    I'm still alive and kicking. Maddox hasn't killed me yet, but boy has she tried.
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    Ohhh...someone IS using that look...

    EM! I can haz one?

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    Black Sun roll call 2010

    Hey how do I become a member of the Black Sun? Wanna join a group thanx...

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    I'm well beyond fashionably late, aren't I?

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    You seem to have an jinterrrestjing take on what the worrrd punctual means, Mjisterrr Cljine.

    Who am jI kjiddjing, get overrr herrre! jI assume you have a good explajinatjion as to wherrre you've been?

    you make me come... you make me complete...
    you make me completely miserable

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    Its actually a very long and boring story involving a Bantha trader and shipping schedules. Would you believe I've been waiting on a delivery this whole time?

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    Andana Callax
    I would be hugely disappointed if she believed that

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