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Thread: Shadows of the Republic: The Initiate

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    Closed Thread Shadows of the Republic: The Initiate

    Well,” Master Yoda hummed, “A gift of the Force this is, it seems. In need we are of crystals for the younglings' training lightsabres. Come to us you did immediately after we were aware of the need.

    Master Yoda stayed silent for a few moments, as if pondering something. His expression soon cleared, and he fixed the padawan that stood before him with a piercing look.

    A test this shall be. Already attested to your abilities and temperament, Master Origin has. Quite certain he is that you soon will be ready to face the Trials. Decided, the Council has, to allow you to prove that. To Ilum you will go, to collect the crystals for your and the younglings' lightsabres.”

    He seemed to already know what the padawan would say to that, and raised a hand to forestall his reply. “Not alone will you travel. On an important investigation, Master Origin is; we will not call him off it for this. Escorted you will be, by a Knight not many years older than you. By nightfall you must leave.”

    Thank yoo for thee trust yoo place in me, Masters,” Tell Cho replied.

    Be wary you must,” Yoda chided gently, sensing Tell's confidence. Master Windu nodded in agreement.

    There are some dangerous creatures on Ilum, padawan. Do not become overconfident and lose focus.”

    Tell Cho bowed, and sensing that he should leave, turned and left the Council chamber.

    Taking their warnings to heart, the seventeen year old Gossam requested a lightsabre from Master Drallig (“You must return it, or you will be replacing it, Padawan,” he had said), and prepared himself for the mission. Only a few articles of clothing were packed, to leave room for the much more necessary ration packs that he and his escort would need while on Ilum.

    Then, when the sun began to set, he made his way to the Temple Hangars, and the courier ship that would take he and his escort to Ilum. There he saw the courier ship prepared and awaiting his arrival, with a tall cat-like Jedi speaking with Master Yoda. Both turned to greet him as he walked up.

    “On time you are. Good, good!” Yoda said, smiling. “Padawan Cho, Knight Drin Kizael this is. Your escort he will be while your mission you complete.”

    Tell Cho bowed respectfully. “I thank you for accompanying me on this mission, Knight Kizael,” he said carefully, trying not to let his accent make his words incomprehensible. “I am most grateful.”
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