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Thread: The Ko Report - Edition #10 - Emelie Shadowstar

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    Information The Ko Report - Edition #10 - Emelie Shadowstar


    There are many characters here in our SWF roleplaying forums who tap-dance along the nefarious edge of fortune. Call them Businessmen, opportunists, scoundrels - they all take calculated risks in the hope of furthering their own ends and gaining a place for themselves that is secure and profitable amidst the vast expanses of the galaxy and within the many competing elements that populate, and at times, plague it. It takes courage, moxie if you will, to live such a life. It also takes an inate charm to beguile those of less desirable natures into ones own corner and make them play the game according to ones own rules. There are many such individuals at SWF, but none couple the elements required quite as delightfully as Emelie Shadowstar does.

    COO of Silenus Corp, Emelie is a half-human, half-Zeltron business woman - and as you will see by her responses below, an interesting and unique character within our SWF Universe. Struggling from a background that was difficult, Emelie has emerged a confident, strong corporate competitor. Partnering with Xavier Synik, they straddle both sides of the Empire/Rebellion conflict, while also conducting the less than legal activities of smuggling and weapons trafficking - and all of it while avoiding the attenion of other crime syndicates such as the Black Sun and the Black Nebula. But for how long? One hopes indefinitely!
    Is it any wonder - WE WANNA KNOW:


    First question, I simply must know if that's your real hair color? No, you dont have to answer that, but it is just gorgeous!

    Oh I wish! If for no other reason than I wouldn't have to maintain it! *laughs* I don't even know what possessed me to dye it like this either, but I rather like it, it's fun!

    You are half human, half Zeltron - which species, if either, do you have more of an affinity with?

    It just depends on my mood that day and who I have to deal with, I suppose. Though I'd say typically it's my mother's side that I think I can most identify with. Zeltrons just have this wonderful way of life that's all about enjoying yourself and having a good time and avoiding negativity...and it's just been so easy to step right into that for me whenever I can.

    Have you found your mixed heritage to be a blessing or a curse, or is it a non-factor?

    Little bit of both on the whole blessing and curse thing. I know the whole empathy thing I have isn't nearly as strong as it would be for a full Zeltron but some days it can get really annoying. Ever been in a room full of really angry or unhappy people? Now imagine you can feel that. Yeah, it's pretty unpleasant. Though the reverse is true too if you're around someone who is just in complete bliss. Makes certain situations...well...interesting to put it lightly. Aside from that though generally I don't think it affects a lot of things, at the end of the day I'm just me, whatever that happens to entail.

    What quality do you most like in yourself?

    I think I'm a pretty confident person and that seems to do wonders for a lot of things. I mean, I have moments of self-doubt, anyone does, but for the most part I never have a problem moving past that.

    What quality do you most dislike in yourself?

    I can be just over jealous at times. I know that sounds somewhat funny, but it's true. I've let it get the better of me at times.

    What, if anything, do you consider the unpardonable sin?

    Some part of me really wants to say full on betraying someone, but in my line of business that's not a rarity. I guess I just want someone to do it to me for a reason if they are going to. I have a friend like that right now where we both seem to know that if one day the credits are right things could go sour...I wouldn't really hold it against him, it's kinda just how it goes.

    What is your greatest fear?

    Death, I guess. Suppose that sounds rather generic but I guess I just feel that I've been running from it ever since I kinda cheated it when I was younger.

    What is your greatest joy?

    The simple things in life. Right now, I can't think of anything better than the trips I get to take to this villa Xavier bought for us on Lynaria. When the grapes are ripe and you can smell them on the warm air. That place is perfect.

    In what circumstance is it ok to lie?

    Uhh...when it's needed? I really try to not lie to my partner, or my close friends...but stretching or twisting the truth is almost a necessary evil in all business deals.

    Zeltrons are also empaths, can you tell when someone is lying - and does it help your Sabaac game?

    Now if I told you the truth there no one would ever play against me again, now would they? *winks* Nah, people have to seriously be in a heightened state of emotion for me to pick up on it, or if a group of people are all experiencing the same thing I can get a general feel for it, but singling out an individual and getting a read on them is really difficult for me.

    What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

    Sobriety? Chasity? Ha ha, I kid... Probably courage, really. Too often I think people use it as some sort of veil for getting away with trying really stupid things and wanting praise for it.

    What is your greatest extravagance?

    That villa I was talking about earlier. I actually don't have that many really fancy things, actually. Oh! I do have a bottle of Grada Cassandran Choholl that I keep around. Gods, is that stuff good.

    What task do you hate doing the most?

    Business wise? Firing someone. It always feels horrible, even if it's necessary. Otherwise? Well, outright dealing with any competition. Confrontations can get a bit...messy...sometimes.

    How do you unwind after a tough day?

    A drink...or several. *laughs* Oh who am I kidding? Lately I just go back to the suite me and Xavier have and get myself a glass of wine and lay about on the couch. Naturally that whole situation is even better if certain company is about but that's a rather obvious statement, isn't it?

    What is your greatest regret?

    This should be the part where I lie and say I don't have any, but that's not true. I can't think of anything in particular...maybe just in general the friends I've lost and the people I've hurt unintentionally...there's a few of those.

    Who is your greatest enemy or nemesis?

    I don't think I have one, really. I'm sure there's a handful of people out there who would have me on that list. I don't know if I'd consider them enemies so much as annoyances, though.

    You had a difficult childhood and adolescence, what is the one lesson you've taken from those experiences?

    I learned a lesson from that? *laughs* Probably to put trust in your friends. Your real friends. They'll see you through almost anything.

    You are a business woman and have a partner in Xavier Synik - has there ever been a time when you've hit a stalemate over some major work decision and used pheromones or emotional projection to gain your way?

    *laughs again slightly* You realize if I tell you he'll find out and then totally chew me out for it, right? Actually when it comes to running the business we've almost always seen eye to eye, or at least similarly enough we haven't run into that issue. Now...outside of the business dealings...well...*smirks* pretty sure he knows about that at least.

    What is your best physical feature?

    Wait, wait...can I call in Xi on this one? There isn't a way to answer this without coming off as totally vain, is there? I've never actually thought about that, really. Guess I just don't like to single any one part out. Ha.

    What phrase do you overuse?

    I don't know about a phrase, but I have this bad habit of slipping into this odd language I picked up from some pilots out on the outer rim. I don't find many that understand or speak it, spacers mostly...Xavier's getting used to it, though. But it's certainly not something you use in polite company.

    What characteristic most attracts you to another person?

    I've never really thought about that...I guess I'm attracted to confident individuals who know just how to handle themselves. Nothing egotisical, but just those people that you can tell are comfortable in their own skin and their own lives and don't give any care for how that comes off to others without being all fake about it.

    Who is the one person you would most like to meet?

    I'm sure this'll sound just lame, but I really think it's true. I'd love to meet my mother. She died when I was really little so I can't say I ever knew her. I'd love to know what her thoughts on me now would be like, if she'd approve, disapprove...what sort of advice she'd give to me.

    You move in circles where you encounter many unsavoury individuals (scum and villains) do you ever remember a time or incident that made you question your chosen vocation?

    I'd say any time I end up with a blaster aimed at me generally makes me question it. Doesn't happen all that often, though. I went through a real dark period not too long ago, got caught up in a deal I probably shouldn't have. It ended up bad...real bad. That made me question a lot of things.

    Do you have a motto or words of wisdom you try to live by?

    Seize the moment. Not the day, not the night, but each and every minute because you never know when it will be your last.

    If you were a beverage, what would you be called and what would the mix be?

    Ha ha...oh dear, who put you up to this one? Okay, so back at the The Bastel my barkeep and a close friend of mine got together and made up this drink for me called the 'Slutty Half Zeltron'. They even managed to somehow get it to be this soft pinkish color with a tinge of orange to it. I'm not really sure what's all in it, but from what I understand it's got enough hard alcohol to put most people on their ass after one of them. Despite the name, I appreciate the thought that was put into it. Though one day I swear I'll come up with the Good-for-Nothing Barkeep and a Over-Sexed Solider Boy just to get them back for it.


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    If you were a beverage, what would you be called and what would the mix be?

    Ha ha...oh dear, who put you up to this one? Okay, so back at the The Bastel my barkeep and a close friend of mine got together and made up this drink for me called the 'Slutty Half Zeltron'.
    haha, yes!

    nice one, guys


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