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    Codename: Abaddon

    Discomfort Zone

    I felt like a powerless starship in a target lock. She kept getting closer, and I was frozen in place. Her lips touched mine, and I didn't know what to

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    Elarys Amarank

    Visions For The Future

    "I've taped faulty cables during internships with velcro that held tighter," she couldn't help quipping under her breath. She had caught glimpses

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    Tamera Beck

    Discomfort Zone

    The kiss made her grin, a reaction that she simply couldn't help. Ori had scootched close enough that Tamera felt confident enough to clutch the other

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    Lise Tarkin

    Visions For The Future

    Elarys held better composure at Lise's barbs towards this collection. Though Elarys was just as quick with the sass.

    She stifled a chuckle

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    Codename: Abaddon

    Discomfort Zone

    "That'ss... djissappojintijng."

    What a cryin' let down. I had always thought those guys would be a bunch of B.A.M.F's like the

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