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    Tell Cho


    ACT I: The Mission of a Lifetime

    "For as long as our kin does not know freedom, neither shall we." - Tell Cho

    [B]Miw Shanm, Ossus - Mid...

    Tell Cho Yesterday 01:20:45 PM
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    Serasai Onashi

    What Happens in Cloud City Stays in Cloud City

    He followed her into the lift and even before the doors closed had her pressed up against the wall, his hands on her hips and a slow assessing look drifting

    Serasai Onashi Today, 02:13:38 AM Go to last post
    Lilaena De'Ville

    Active Bounties on Player Characters

    Bumping this. Also we could update it if need be?

    Lilaena De'Ville Today, 01:47:34 AM Go to last post
    Cerie Moreau

    The Captain and I

    The feel of being so swiftly flipped over, as though it was effortless, made her trill in excited anticipation, and as he pushed himself in once again,

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    Lilaena De'Ville

    A Journey To Remember

    Akaan nodded, mentally reappraising the woman as she correctly accessed the situation. We will swing by to collect the meat we left behind. Carefully,

    Lilaena De'Ville Today, 01:25:28 AM Go to last post
    Sam Porter

    An Explosive Trip

    At least the second vendor she chose to grace with her presence was more amenable, giving a silent nod as she pointed to a display bin of neatly parceled

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