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Nallia Oberon

Contacting the writer.....

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Anyone wishing to contact me about anything at anytime, please feel free.
And feel free to pass on the following info... it's all either public knowledge or on a business card <laughs>

KIK (LlewelPendragon)
DISCORD (LlewelPendragon)
SKYPE Text (LlewelPendragon)
YM (ms_trinket)
Text (757-303-4409)

I am in Richmond, Virginia, USA which is Eastern Standard Time. We are -5 hrs from the UK (not overly sure about other countries off the top of my head).

I'm usually around between 11 or 12 pm (noon) and 2-4 am .... so never a worry about waking me <laughs> I won't answer if sleeping...

Look forward to a MAELSTROM of characters here to hopefully rival THE MOB over there...

Writer for Nallia and others (soon)

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    Nallia Oberon - Smuggler... Grosetto captained by Syravari
    Palinsa Donar - Imperial Knight (recruiting thread still)
    Trinity Sundergotte - Lupine

    <<updated as it grows>>
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