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Between Two Interrogation Droids: Dani

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When did you first see a Star Wars movie, and what movie was it?

It was a New Hope when it came out on VHS in the early 80's I think? Memory's a bit blurry for exactly how old I was, but I remember sitting on the couch with my mom explaining to me that I would love this. And she was right! She knew I was a very imaginative child. I was blown away by the special effects and the story. Luke and Obi-Wan were immediately my favorites because they got the cool lightsaber weapons. I've always been a sucker for characters that fill the role of a knight, even at that age. So a story about Jedi Knights in a futuristic setting?! I was hooked.

Do you have any sort of Star Wars merchandise collection, and if so, what is your favorite piece?

By no means do I have a lot of items but I do have some action figures, lightsabers, and large vehicle play sets (which I haven't opened). Easily my favorite piece is my purple FX lightsaber.

Are you excited about Disney making more Star Wars movies? Who do you want a spin-off movie about?

I'm very excited! When the prequels ended, I honestly felt there wouldn't be any other live action movies. Just books, comics and cartoons. So to know that there's a whole new trilogy being made with original and new cast was rather mind boggling. I had reservations going in, but I was so emotional leaving the theater that I felt that they did Star Wars justice. How they handle stories not labeled Episode _ will be what I'm most interested about, especially wondering why all these reshoots for Rogue One. I'm all for more Star Wars movies as long as it fits in with the established mythos.

If only the EU could be touched upon I would love a Mara Jade spin off, but I would love to see a young Leia movie. How she played politics with the Empire while her family was really helping the Rebellion would be interesting. Keep those strong female leads coming!

How long have you been at TheHolo.Net, and why do you stay?

Forever. Well, close to it. I honestly can't remember if I was around late 1999 or not, but 2000 for sure. I've stayed because of the amazing friends that I have made here and miss the ones that are no longer with us. I love the close knit community of writers and individuals that share common interests. I've also learned so many different things in role-play or life at this community. It's a home away from home and I love it here.

Do you stick mainly with Star Wars RPing, or have you branched out to some of the general RPing scenarios? Which do you prefer, if you have a preference?

Currently I'm sticking with Stars Wars RPing since there are a lot of story ideas going on to keep me quite busy. I've branched out with Mutants Unite and Myth in the past, but mostly dabbled in the later. My real passion was for World of Darkness. I loved writing my Immortals Michele Hawkins and Nikoleta, and I do miss them and the setting.

Who is your favorite character you write on the boards? Who is your favorite that someone else writes?

My favorite character to write is tough because I consider the Tarkin twins one story. They're on opposing sides in many ways. From the Force, to the cold war going on, to their mentality about each other, is different. Miranda is consumed by capturing her sister and wanting to prove the might of the Empire is the right path, where Navaria is accepting that they're just different people, with different paths, that share the same blood. It's fun as a writer to explore Miranda's struggles as Empress and as a novice student of the Force. There's so many things pulling at her and needing her attention that when I write Navaria, she's more focused and lighthearted. It's fun having all of these story options that can be separate and intersect in the future.

One of my favorite characters on the board is Salem Ave. He's everywhere! Orchestrating all these schemes and has a position of great power in the Alliance, while being this intense darksider. It's always so entertaining to read and write with this character because I'm blown away by how well he is written and remain surprised in how he is portrayed.

What RPing story arc do you most want to do, or current one you’d like to complete?

Exploring Grace's complex emotions in regards to Bryna and Dasquian. She has always been emotionally complex. Tough interior and exterior because of the violent past she endured. She feels terrible guilt in letting Dasquian down, allowing his capture, and is dealing with all sorts of emotions that he provokes within her. Bryna, her daughter from the future, intensifies those feelings further because it proves that she is capable of love, of being loved, and that love produced a child. She's terrified of what that means for her because she can't reconcile that love and guilt. She just can't function normally right now and there was a hint of that turmoil in the Prisoners of War when she broke down and cried for the first time in front of Dasquian.

Are you a dog person, or a cat person? (this is v. important)

I've three cats, so cat! Sloane, Ivanova, and Chloe expect me to say nothing else.

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