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Between Two Interrogation Droids: Madeleia

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(Madeleia plays Torgeir DeHaan and Alanie Herleva, among others)

When did you first see a Star Wars movie, and what movie was it?

Episode IV.

Do you have any sort of Star Wars merchandise collection, and if so, what is your favorite piece?

I have a four glass collection that my sister-in-law bought me for Christmas - characters from Episode VII. I also have all the Art of books, Cross Section books, West End Games rpg rulebooks and supplements. I have all the soundtracks for the movies on my computer - use them when I write Star Wars stories or plots. Plus all the movies now on Blu Ray. Love all of them. lol

Are you excited about Disney making more Star Wars movies? Who do you want a spin-off movie about?

I definitely love what George Lucas created, but I think having Disney's money and influence is only make this galaxy explode into stories about the new cast for the main storyline, but also spinoffs that could go on forever. I can't wait to see the movie about Han Solo when he was younger, learn more about his family and how he got started. I think it would be great to see a movie about a random group taking part in another part of the galaxy - anywhere, really. I'd love to see one about Dathomir. The Sorcerors of Tund. The end of the Hundred Year Darkness when the first dark jedi discovered Korriban. Thinking on it long enough, there'd be no end to plotlines.

How long have you been at TheHolo.Net, and why do you stay?

I"ve been here just a couple weeks and mostly because of familiar faces that I've been writing with on another site for almost six years now. Definitely eager to create a whole new group of sagas for all my characters.

Do you stick mainly with Star Wars RPing, or have you branched out to some of the general RPing scenarios? Which do you prefer, if you have a preference?

Other than Star Wars, I also play in Rolemaster campaigns, Iron Kingdoms and have played several other games while in the Air Force.

Who is your favorite character you write on the boards? Who is your favorite that someone else writes?

There are aspects of all my characters that I enjoy writing, seeing where they'll end up and how. I have many favorites from other writers: Razielle has always been great at playing in the political arena, Satkia and Dalethria (Empress Tarkin here) also have great motivation and creativity. I'm also finding new writers on this site that are very inspiring as I love to learn new techniques for writing.

What RPing story arc do you most want to do, or current one you’d like to complete?

Having so many characters in my mind, that's a tough one. One story arc that would be fun would be to have major factions come to a head, using intrigue or coercion to goad the other into a confrontation that may not necessarily end up the way they hoped.

Are you a dog person, or a cat person? (this is v. important)

Growing up we had both. Cats get older and harder to get along with, dogs are loyal to the end. I love animals, so hard to pick just one. lol

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