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Between Two Interrogation Droids: Sanya Tagge

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Recently I sat down for an interview with the Baroness of Cloud City herself, Sanya Tagge. Here is a transcript of our conversation on... Between Two Interrogation Droids!

What is your purpose, or direction, in life? Do you feel that you have a destiny?

I have the greatest clarity of purpose: I live to serve the Empire.

What is your greatest fear?

Losing control.

If all your money was stripped away, and your family name was gone, what would you do with your life?

I was born without a famous name or money. Losing those things would be unfortunate - but losing my family or my purpose? That would be truly intolerable.

Who do you care for the most in the galaxy?

My brother means everything to me. He's the only family I have. I am also fortunate enough to consider Miranda Tarkin a close friend and am incredibly grateful for her friendship.

Your brother is consort to the most powerful woman in the galaxy - are you jealous of his position of power?

Why should I feel jealous? Power does not motivate me. I only want to serve my Empress and Empire.. as does my brother.

As a woman in power in an Empire well known for xenophobia and sexism, what are you doing to change the thoughts and minds of those in the upper echelons of Imperial government? Or, perhaps, are you interested in maintaining the status quo? If so, why?

Stability is security.

And now some questions for the woman behind the character:

How long have you RPed Sanya?

Sanya is a relatively new character of mine. She hasn't had a whole lot of action, in terms of storylines. Her background is quite straighforward: war-orphan who was essentially raised by the Imperial military and went on to become part of the machine responsible for sanitising the people and culture of the Galaxy.

What do you enjoy most about writing her?

It's fun to write someone in the public eye who is teetering precariously on the edge between composure and collapse. She's brittle, and it's a challenge for me to know when to show the cracks and when to hide them. She's a bundle of contradictions and prejudices, struggling to reconcile the identity that she believes she should have with the person she really is: the xenophobic, homophobic Imperial poster-child for the upper classes vs. the unhinged, Force-sensitive orphan who has fallen in love with another woman.

In what way is Sanya like you, and how is she different?

I'd like to say that we're very different, because Sanya has a lot of qualities that aren't especially pleasant - but I can be a little neurotic at times.

Do you make any writing/stylistic choices for Sanya that make her distinct from other characters that you write?

I don't approach writing her in any majorly different way to the majority of my other characters - at least not consciously. Answers on a postcard if you've noticed anything distinct, dear reader.

Share something about Sanya not many people may know.

Sanya's name at birth was Ersabeth, and she is a member of the Malreaux family.

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