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Between Two Interrogation Droids: Loklorien s'Ilancy

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I recently was able to sit down with Loklorien s'Ilancy in her office for a brief interview. Below is a transcript of our conversation on ...Between Two Interrogation Droids

What is your purpose, or direction, in life? Do you feel that you have a destiny?

I have always felt that my life was to be spent in the protection of others. Striving toward that goal however, the paths that I have walked are sometimes... unfortunate and misguided. It is a painful burden to live with, but such is the way of things.

Like the concept of 'fate', I place no merit in 'destiny'. I am subject to the will of the Force and whatever the strength of my own will decides.

How difficult was it to transition from a traditional lightsaber to your saber gauntlet?

It was an odd transition, but educational all the same. There are limitations to my weapon, but I have learned to adapt to them.

You have made some...questionable decisions in the past. What lesson, if any, have you learned from your time with Darth Decepis?

That even in evil, there is beauty and wonder. My children are proof enough of that, and I love them with all of my heart.

Do you think you will ever be able to rejoin the Jedi Order? How does that make you feel?

I do not know. If the Council deems me unworthy, I cannot blame them. I feel, I... do not know. Sad yes, but again, I will understand and respect their decision.

With the Alliance, what makes up a good day?

A good day? I would have to say that a quiet day would be a good day.

Are you concerned about the integrated involvement of the Imperial Knights in the Empire? What should the Alliance do to counter these Knights?

I'd not heard of these 'Knights' until my encounter with them on Manaan. They're formidable to say the least, and warrant attention. As for what the Alliance should do concerning them, I am unsure. In a way I am not surprised that the Empire has formed their own group of Force users. After Palpatine died, I suppose that it was only a matter of time before we saw the emergence of the Knights. Whatever is done about them is not my decision, but I do feel that it is something that the Alliance and the Jedi both must come together to discuss future courses of action.

And now some questions for the woman behind the character:

How long have you RPed Loklorien?

She was the first character that I registered, back on the GJO EZBoard in 2001, and then on SWFans soon after.

What do you enjoy most about writing her?

She's got a lot of flaws, but is always trying to do the right thing regardless. Dan manipulated her priorities so heavily in the recent past though, so she's a bit of a mess internally at the moment. Outwardly she may present a calm exterior, but inside she's trying to put her pieces back together. I find it incredibly enjoyable to write her on this path to self-rediscovery.

In what way is Loklorien like you, and how is she different?

We're both pretty sentimental, and can be brooding at times. She likes to take care of her family in the best way that she is able, and I'm much the same. Of course, she's got a lot more resources available to her than I do, so that's a hefty difference, heh.

Do you make any writing/stylistic choices for Loklorien that make her distinct from other characters that you write?

To my knowledge, no. Perhaps a little bit more inner contemplations, but that's mostly because I write with her the most and have a better feel for her than most of my other characters.

Share something about Loklorien not many people may know.

I've never really written it, but s'Il can - in a way - see through her right eye. It's mostly Force echoes that she sees, so it's nothing extensive, but it is enough to give her a weird sort of depth perception. It's sort of like if you overlaid a light pencil test animation over the finished product.

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