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Judas Voss

Zelp: A Galactic Phenomenon

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Hello galaxy. My name is Judas Voss and I am the Lead Programmer on the critically acclaimed and galactically accepted Zelp. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Zelp, it's a crowd sourced local business review and social networking service. Our users are able to use it to locate businesses that fit any criteria they search for, as well as leave reviews based on the level of service they received. The reviews themselves allow for a one to five star rating system along with the option to leave a note explaining the score you've given. These reviews are then correlated into a single score for the business.

The aim of Zelp is to give the people the power to find the services they need and then help others find those same services, or avoid them, by leaving reviews.

Zelp has been declared the Holonet's #1 service of the year. To celebrate our success we are going to publish some reviews of people's favorite businesses and services. Stay tuned, you may discover something new in your slice of the galaxy.

(Send Private Messages to this account with you mock Yelp reviews of Starwars business and services. They will be collected and posted in a later blog post. Include a 0-5 star rating along with your review.)

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