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Mu Satach

So, I passed out this morning.

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That was fun. Not sure what caused my blood pressure to drop. I know that last night at the gym I kinda over did it on the treadmill. My peak heart rate got up to 178. I'm not exactly comfortable with that rate. I'm starting to think I might need to see my doc sooner than our scheduled tri/bi-annual meeting. =P

I'm also doing things in my sleep again. I think. Actually, I know. I have this cool little app that helps keep me focused on what I'm doing. You make little lists of tasks and assign a time to each task.

It's pretty fun and simple. I keep it on my phone and have several lists. Chores, my evening/morning routine, etc. I also have a generic list with just 3 times I can use for whatever, 5 min, a 15 min and a 30 min. Now to create a new task, I have to do a reverse pinch on the screen, then type in the task name on the keypad. I used the app yesterday. 3 tasks. That's it.

This morning after I regained consciousness and began to get ready I went to use the app for my morning routine. And there it was. A brand new task in my generic task list. What makes this task particularly fascinating is that the task description is very very involved.

"FuCc can't be friends and relatives in my room cfor to get my cc"

I have no idea what my "cc" is but apparently I'm very adamant that my friends and relatives can't be in my room to get it. Click image for larger version. 

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