• Sleazy's Guide: Alliance of Free Planets

    Good morning, idget. This data packet concerns the political entity known as the Alliance of Free Planets.

    The Alliance came into existence after the Rebel Alliance (the "Alliance to Restore the Republic") managed to use Starkiller superweapons to force a ceasefire with the Galactic Empire. The Alliance now controls roughly a third of the Republic's old territory in the mid and outer rim, with many more sectors defined as neutral and beyond Imperial control under the terms of the Treaty. While the Alliance starfleet is not as formidable or numerous as the Empire's, it's borders are still well-defended: given your aversion to being obliterated into your constituent atoms, it would be wise to only attempt to cross at one of the approved transit points. Jovan Station would be my recommendation, though I would recommend avoiding the Shatterstar Lounge: I think we both remember what happened the last time you paid a visit to a seedy alien brothel.

    Bothawui is the Alliance capital. The government is led by the Alliance Senate, which consists of representatives of the various worlds and states within their territory. In addition to the Bothans, the Mon Calamari and Quarren, Cizerack, and Hapans wield considerable military and political power in the Alliance. Other prominent organic meatbag races include the Bith, Gran, Mirialans, Sluissi, Sullustans, Verpines, and Wookiees. Many human worlds form part of the Alliance, including Contruum, New Alderaan, Lantillies, and Naboo. The Alliance is also home to significant refugee populations from many non-human worlds still in Imperial space.

    Alliance Space is protected by six Alliance Fleets. The First Fleet under Admiral Reshmar is responsible for most of the Alliance's offensive action and operations beyond it's borders, while the Sixth Fleet is responsible for supply and logistics. The remaining defensive fleets are headquartered at Dac, Onderon, Bothawui, and Sluis Van. Many sovereign naval forces also contribute to the defense of the Alliance, including the Hapan Royal Navy and the Cizerack Trade Fleet, organized for joint operations by Admiral Vansen Tyree. A separate Alliance Security force exists for interstellar customs and law enforcement, overseen by Hapan exile Dasquian Belargic.

    It should be noted that while the Jedi world of Ossus lies within the borders of the Alliance of Free Planets, there is currently no formal affiliation between the Jedi and the Alliance. Reports suggest that the situation is somewhat strained, and as you can imagine the Galactic Empire is somewhat cranky about all this. I do hope you aren't planning on antagonizing the situation further.

    * * *

    These data packets were compiled by the protocol droid Sleazy for the attention of his owner Vittore Montegue, a bounty hunter and "acquisitions specialist".
    Further data is provided via reference links to the Wanted Information Keynote Index (wiki). An archive of past entries can be found here.
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