• Reinforcements on Corellia

    Imperial Knights deploy to hunt for Resistance terrorists on Corellian homeworld.

    Several weeks after the brazen attack that saw Resistance terrorists plough the Imperial Star Destroyer Warspite into an Industrial District of Coronet City, sources close to the office of Sector Moff Delgado Xaanan report the arrival of two Imperial Knights on Corellia, earlier today.

    The attack, which claimed the lives of more than 40,000 Imperial personnel aboard the Warspite, and caused untold damage to Corellian industry and the economy, was perpetrated by a group calling itself the Resistance: a group believed to consist largely of expatriates from the Alliance of Free Planets. Since then, the Resistance has begun a campaign of disruption and violence against Imperial and Corellian interests, but the Corellian people remain resolute in their loyalty to the Galactic Empire. Addressing the press this morning, Moff Xaanan said:

    For thousands of years, the Jedi Knights were the guardians of peace and justice in the Galactic Republic. The new Imperial Knights continue that grand tradition, and the Corellian Administration welcomes their assistance in restoring order here on Corellia, and making your streets safe to walk again.

    Though the Alliance Senate has officially denounced the Resistance as an illegal terrorist cell, rumours persist of Alliance veterans continuing to arrive on Corellia, some possibly even under Alliance orders. The Alliance Senate has so far declined to comment on these accusations.

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