• Getting to Know You: Michael Cline

    In this second of a series, we turn our attention to Michael Cline, or rather, the man behind the characters.

    When did you first see a Star Wars movie, and what movie was it?
    I'm fairly certain I watched the original trilogy as a kid, I couldn't tell you the year, or exactly how old I was, but I saw them during the 80s on both tape and syndication. I went and Saw Episode I on opening day, and despite it not being stellar to many people, saw it at least 4 times in the theater.

    Do you have any sort of Star Wars merchandise collection, and if so, what is your favorite piece?
    Nothing of note, an old Star Wars sleeping bag that I got at a garage sale, and some figures to put on shelves. I'm not huge on memorabilia for any property, honestly.

    Are you excited about Disney making more Star Wars movies? Who do you want a spin-off movie about?
    I am excited! The Star Wars universe has a great world that's been built over the decades, and anytime we get to play around in it on the big screen its exciting. I love the world/universe building that has been crafted in Star Wars lore.

    How long have you been at SW-Fans, and why do you stay?
    I've been at SW-Fans since its EZBoard days, and I've honestly not been great about staying. I come back for a while, then inevitably hit a wall either with my writing, or with life and fall off, afraid to come back after vanishing for so long. But I do keep coming back because of how great the people are here, both those I've been talking with since I started, and those who I've met since coming back.

    Do you stick mainly with Star Wars RPing, or have you branched out to some of the general RPing scenarios? Which do you prefer, if you have a preference?
    I've done a great deal of RPing both at SW-Fans and away, though not in some years, while I have RPed in many general RP scenarios, or other fandoms, Star Wars will always be one of my greatest loves, again, because of the wonderful world building that there is to play with.

    Who is your favorite character you write on the boards? Who is your favorite that someone else writes?
    I absolutely love writing Sin, he's just so unapologetically evil, despite his flowery words. I also hate writing him because he's a wordy prat with specific rules for how I have to write him, but despite them there's something about him that makes him a treat to write. He's also one of the few characters I have a specific end goal for. Baastian Cane is an absolute treat to read, there are so many levels built into that character and his motivations, and making him a very believable 'gray hat' of a character.

    What RPing story arc do you most want to do, or current one you’d like to complete?
    I really want to see Xanatos' redemption arch go through, as he, by the time I was a decent enough writer during classic fans to do what I really wanted to with my characters, was broken beyond repair. I'd really like to be able to fix that with the 'Reboot Xanatos' since, despite being my main character for so long on the boards he really wasn't an interesting character, or even an especially good one.

    Are you a dog person, or a cat person? (this is v. important)
    I am a cat person, unapologetically. Especially my fat gray lump of a cat Tailor, who loves to sit on my chest and kneed until I hurt.

    Thank you for your time, Michael!