• The Ko Report - Edition #2 (Lok s'Ilancy)

    Q & A with Loklorien s'Ilancy

    Loklorien s'Ilancy is a character of many interesting and often opposing facets - A former Jedi knight, who has newly turned her allegiance to the Sith, giving her obedience to Darth Decepsis, her Master; A Lupine of the House Losstarot - a proud lineage of fierce creatures, yet she remains tenderhearted with a great capacity to love and exhibits the selfless deeds of sacrifice only a mother knows at what cost they are to make. An ally for many years of the Rebellion, a loyal lover and friend who now studies at the hand of one of the darkest Force users in the galaxy.

    Is it any wonder We Wanna Know!:

    Do you see yourself as Good or Evil?
    Perception is a delicate thing in that we all have preconceived notions of what is good and what is evil. It is also important to realize that those very same notions can be subject to change. In that sense, I simply am.

    What quality do you most admire in a Man?
    Understanding and dedication. I have only ever loved two men in my lifetime, and only one has shown me both of those qualities.

    What quality do you most admire in a Woman?
    Strength. To find a woman with such a quality is a rare thing, and it is to be appreciated and cherished above all else.

    What is your greatest fear?
    I worry at times that I will not do my House justice; that they would turn me away should I become derelict in my own personal duties. Yet, perhaps moreso than that, is the fear that I will be cast out from the presence of the one I have pledged myself to.

    What is your most prized possesson?
    My daughter, Teagan. When you are not supposed to have children, it is nothing short of a miracle from the Bloodline when you do.

    When is it ok to lie?
    I have asked myself this very question many times, and can only deem it necessary to lie if it is just as easy to tell the truth.

    What do you consider the most overrated virtue?
    I would venture to say justice. It is easy to corrupt such a thing in a person, as the line between justice and vengeance is thin and easily crossed. It is no hardship for a skilled manipulator to pervert a man's sense of justice. Further, vengeance is too easily shifted to unchecked malice.

    What is your greatest extravagance?

    What task do you hate doing the most?
    There is a game that Dan showed me once. He called it My Apologies. It is a terrible, horrid game. I would have to say that I hate having to play it with him.

    What is the best way to spend a day off?
    Napping. I seem to have developed a knack for the art of dozing throughout the day.

    What is your greatest regret?
    There are so many, but perhaps now the one that over-shadows all is sending my daughter away. It was a rash decision, made in ignorance. Everyday I regret it.

    Who is your greatest enemy or nemesis?
    It is not so much a who as it is a what - time.

    Are you candlelight and roses OR cheeseburgers and beer?
    I must admit to being attracted by neither. I prefer nerf tartar and and nice glass of wine.

    Do you believe in victory at any cost?
    No. There is a line that I feel I must adhere to, and while I would not hesitate to sacrifice myself for another, I would never be able to ask someone else to do the same for me.

    What is your best feature?
    Before, I would've said my eyes. Now, I suppose it is just... the one eye.

    Do you really understand what a parsec is?
    I despise most all things relating to space-travel, so no.

    If you had to pick, would you be a pirate or cowboy? And Why?
    I... what?
    I'm afraid I don't understand.

    What phrase do you overuse?
    'No'. I learned very early that the word 'no' is a rather consistent staple in a mother's vocabulary.

    Who is the one person you would most like to meet?
    The new empress that everyone seems to be talking of these days.

    What is your motto?
    I don't believe I have one


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