• The Ko Report - Edition #7 - Mothers!

    Mothers. We all had one in one form or another and this Ko Report (Teasers & Taglines) is a tribute of quotes to those wonderful beings who populate our SWF forums. You could say this is a nod to Mothers Day...which it is, though in typical negligent offspring fashion, its quite a bit late. But its the thought that counts, right Moms?

    Some are quotes of wisdom, some of warning and some...well, are just expressions of the incredible creatures that are Mothers.

    Quote Originally Posted by Lise Tarkin View Post
    "Let me fix you something." she said as they walked inside. Lise got annoyed by one of the guards getting under her feet.

    "Dear God ... get out of my kitchen!"

    :: Her eyes narrowed at him as he ignored her ::
    **Helpful Hint! Never get between a Tarkin and her objective (or a frying pan..)

    From: The Daughter of the Empire: Unlocking Pandora's Box


    Quote Originally Posted by Ishara Alastor View Post

    Nostrils flared with a breath inhaled and eyes suddenly alight, the Hapan Queen rose from her throne. Instantly, Belargic knew his choice of words had been foolish. Around Ishara, the throngs of slaves and servants sank lower to the ground, many falling prostrate as she stood upright, noble head held high.

    “What we must do, Commodore, is ensure the peace, prosperity and security of the Consortium. For generations, we – the proud dynasty of Alastor – have safe-guarded this Cluster against those who seek to divide us, to poison our peoples minds with talk of false scions and rebellion...”

    Her eyes fixed with Belargic's and even as his gaze dipped, overpowered by what he saw in her eyes, the Hapan Queen did not turned away.

    “Your very existence is an unsightly blemish upon our great sovereignty. We can tolerate it no longer.”
    From:Our Darkest Days: Echoes


    Quote Originally Posted by Loklorien s'Ilancy View Post
    To once again be so young. s'Il felt her features soften at the sound of Saricia's voice, and it took the elder Lupine back to a time when she had happily gone from system to system with Dan. Always at his side, always in his presence. That slow-burning passion that he'd drawn from her after Zem's disappearance had only grown stronger as the years passed.

    Now? Indeed, now. Did she still cling to the mistaken emotion she had for him?

    In the very bottom of her heart she knew that she did. Perhaps that - moreso than the sheer deception - was where the Sith's victory truly lay. He made her love him. And it was that which fed this new jealousy. Had he decided that it was time set her aside in favor of one younger? Her only solace was that she was the only one between the two Lupines that had given him a child.

    The thought of Teagan made her grip a small steel messenger tube nestled in one of the pockets of her robes. It was a letter from their daughter. Thoughtfully sent to them from Zem, s'Il had received it in Dan's absence, and had not yet shown him.

    "Peace will come when the Force wills it," she spoke absently, her voice gentle.
    From: Three is a Crowd


    Quote Originally Posted by Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar View Post
    "I miss him, Aurelias. I miss tripping on his shoes left in the hallway, miss hearing him splashing in the bathtub. I miss having to rush home to be with him. I dont know how Im ever going to feel normal again."
    From: A Bridge to...?


    Quote Originally Posted by Adia Issoris View Post
    “Your input is welcome when we are not visible to the public, Mr. Vars. Just keep it respectful and contextual.” Adia replied firmly. She was banking that the speeder was likely bugged, along with Lise’s home. It wouldn’t hurt to play it safe, and could be devastating if they did not.

    Adia was determined to have no incidents while on Coruscant. After Lianna was able to meet Lise, they would stay the night or two and then leave for somewhere else. She wasn’t sure yet. Traffic kept a respectful distance from the government marked speeder, making Adia’s incident free goal easier.
    From:Mother and Child Reunion


    Quote Originally Posted by Lilaena De'Ville View Post
    "Forgive you? Forgive you?" A laugh bubbled up unbidden, a nearly hysterical response to his question.

    "I... I can't do this." Lilaena's eyes were bright with tears that she refused to let fall. She looked to the side, her chin held up high as she tried not to blink. Forgive him?

    Never, whispered a small voice in her soul. Your hatred has made you strong. Do not allow this so-called love make you weak.

    "I can't..." It felt like her heart was breaking all over again. The tears spilled down her cheeks but she didn't wipe them away, as if by ignoring them they didn't exist.
    From: Family Ties (Retro Roleplay)


    Quote Originally Posted by Razielle Alastor View Post
    Taking her already impeccably low bow dutifully lower still, Razielle did not yet look up, but spoke at once in a clear voice modulated to a perfectly complaisant tone.

    "I beg Your pardon, most beloved Queen Mother...", she came straight to the point answering the question, without skirting the subject, Ishara would not tolerate it.

    "Prince Tristan is presently acquiring a command over his new surroundings. He is on an expedition. I did not wish to delay Your request to have our child presented to You, Majesty.."

    Presenting Beatrix to Ishara was still the very last thing Razielle wanted to do. It was the path forward though, and the reason they had this opportunity to remove Ishara from her seat of power. To supplant her ideals with their own interests. So long as the matter was handled, how it was accomplished no longer mattered to Razielle. If it were by her hand, or by her accomplice, Mandalore's. As long as Ishara died, all would continue to move forward according to plan.

    She could suffer the humiliation of playacting submission and a biddable nature for a while longer.
    From: Bring me the Head of Ishara Alastor


    Quote Originally Posted by Hera View Post
    Hera had a myriad of questions that needed answering, but now did not seem to be the time to ask. The Grand Inquisitor was in a chatty mood, and the less sidetracked he came from that, the better the chances of some sense coming out of the present situation. Her thoughts turned fleetingly to Valten....with Tear back, would that now mean Karl would no longer be sitting in the big chair? The idea was amusing as hell.

    Tear could bet, however, that she would be expecting some explanation for the liberties he had taken against her. Sure, she was a prisoner, but him helping himself to her DNA to create the Frankensisters was not going to go unchallenged. Of course, Hera would have to kill the clones. Surely Tear recognised that? Or, loooking at him now, maybe he didn't. Not yet anyway - he didn't exactly appear to Hera that he was in full hold of his mental faculties.
    From: Devils in the Details: When it all comes Undone


    Quote Originally Posted by Eliessa Corta View Post
    "You're in my care now" Corta said, "As a favor to our mutual friend"
    She put her stylish reading glasses on with a flick of her wrist and peered over their rim, "If you're smart, you'll be glad of it. If not - I can drop you off wherever you prefer and that will be the end of it." She turned back to what she had been previously reading, "Your choice" she added with finality.

    The girl blinked at her and the Judge wondered if she'd heard a word that she'd said. After some time, with no response, Eliessa saw the girl had sunk into an exausted sleep. Watching her there, quiet now, she looked a little like Corta's own daughter. They were close in age, she guessed, though Adelaide was younger by a few years.

    And that was where the resemblence ended, thankfully. Eliessa had heard no word from her own child for almost a decade. No one had. It was rumoured she was dead and, inwardly, Eliessa hoped that to be true. Everyone would be the better off for it.
    From: Whats Past is Prologue


    Quote Originally Posted by Cora V'al Counis View Post

    It was then that she became aware of a presence in the room, and as she looked up, she met the eyes of her only son, who was suddenly almost directly in her way, even if there were more than 20 people milling between them.

    He looked away after a moment during which his face had set into a scowl, but he didn't leave the spot he was in. Cora couldn't see who was next to him, but .. well.. she would - she was his mother, after all! Didn't a mother have the right to see - to talk - to her only son? He wasn't going to deny her that right here, in front of all these people! She'd be damned if she couldn't get him to at least exchange a word or two with her!

    And before her courage could leave her again, she forced her way through the people in her way, eager and yet apprehensive of what was to come.
    From: Memorable Evening

    ************************************************** ***

    Who's Mom is Whom:

    Lise Tarkin - Mother of Empress Miranda and Jedi Navaria Tarkin
    Ishara Alastor - Mother of Tristan and Elaine Alastor
    Loklorien s'Ilancy - Mother of Tak
    Adelaide Kasperian-Kazaar - Mother of Bren Kazaar
    Adia Issoris - Mother of Morgan Evanar
    Lilaena DeVille - Mother of Jax Tondry (Pre-Reset)
    Razielle Alastor - Mother of Beatrix Septima A. Alastor
    Hera Dren Kast - Mother, via DNA theft, of twins- the Gemellae
    Eliessa Corta - Mother of Hera Dren Kast
    Cora V'al Counis - Mother of Caran V'an Counis

    ps -- Special thanks to Aurelias Kazaar for his help in researching the above quotes

    Happy Belated Mother's day to all our Board Moms, real and created!

    Fashionably Yours, Dakota Gue - SWF Correspondent
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