• The Ko Report - Edition #9 - Callsigns (Updated)

    Fighter Pilots, a rare breed. A class of their own. Big talent supported by even bigger ego's, which are only surpassed by their courage to strap themselves into a little leather seat bolted to an immensely powerful machine built to catapult them through space in order to shoot down other such individuals strapped into other like-craft, equally as eager to shoot them from the stars as they are.
    A physically and mentally demanding task and only the best of the best live to brag of their exploits.

    The best of the best....sound familiar? Perhaps. Since the dawn of the aviator age, men (and women) have striven to be classed as the elite ones, the pilots whom other pilots wish they could be - or those the other pilots fly in fear of. Along with such desire comes a certain bravado that seems characteristic of all such aviators. This is not evidenced better, in my opinion, than in the rite of passage known as The Callsign - a name appended to an individual, usually by his peers but it can come from other sources, in which one word identifies the pilot and sets him/her apart in their uniqueness within the whole.

    Listed below are some of the Callsigns of characters within our SWF universe from the Galactic Empire's Shadow Squadron, as well as the Rebel Alliance's Rogue (and the former Valkyrie) Squadrons.

    The names speak for themselves

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    Saul Karzai - SITHSPIT
    Shadow Squadron - Imperial

    "My call sign's pretty simple. Back in my academy days I got into a fight with a Sith apprentice in a bar. I was out of action for almost a year. When I got back, my wingmen started calling me "Sithspit" because of the incident. Just kinda stuck really."

    Kelly Perris - HOT MAMA
    Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    "Thanks to my late father and... well, mostly my late and dear mother who bestowed on me a name that is usually associated with women, coupled with some overtly sexual in-jokes years back between myself and some late squadron mates - the rest having to do with my 'legendary' (He laughs) skills as a fighter pilot, put it all together and you've got 'Hot Mama'. (A pause) Then again, there might have been some intoxicating substances and dares being thrown around that might also have been the cause, but who am I to say for sure? This was years ago and I was a much younger man."

    Tera Uolmi - RAZOR
    (NPC) Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    " Okay, so... 'Razor'. I'm a pretty crack shot and I cut down my opponents pretty smoothly. There you have it, short and sweet - but if you ask the guys, they might have their own thoughts about where my 'sign came from. Did I mention I'm the only gal in the squadron?"

    Yoree Neel - FLASH
    (NPC) Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    "Uh... Lessee here. Gee, I've never actually had to explain this. Hmm. Oh, that's right! Okay, I got it. So, you see, there was this dancer in some backwater bar, right? And the guys dared me so this is totally their fault, but the girl was... okay, I won't say 'ugly', but she wasn't a jewel or nothin' and, yeah, they dared me to ask her for a 'dance' and she didn't like the idea. Flashed me all her, uh, breasts, then decked me and... well, the black eye was a pretty good reminder for over a week. Can't say I've really gotten my revenge for that yet."

    Justinian Atreides - BLINK
    (NPC) Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    "Well, Kelly and I go back a ways. My callsign, 'Blink' was actually my childhood nickname. Always causing mischief, that was me, but I was almost always a little too quick to be caught. Blink and you'll miss me, that kinda thing. That still stands to this day. Some of the gals like it, some of 'em don't. You gotta accept the spirit of it, that's the thing. Some people just can't take a joke, y'know?"

    Leela Vorega - LEVER
    Valkyrie/Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    Leela's callsign stems from a contraction of her name - LeeVor. It is also said that she could twist someone's arm and lever them in to doing anything she wanted.

    Jaden Luka - MONKEY
    Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    Jaden's callsign comes from various sources. He had the nickname Jade - a feminine twist on his name - which his Verpine wingman extended to Jade Monkey as a reference to Jaden's primate ancestry, and to his apparent enjoyment of climbing and sitting in trees. Sometimes referred to as Space Monkey as well, "Monkey" was chosen as his callsign as a common theme.

    Oolan Valx'ir - TWITCH
    Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    A member of the Verpine race, Oolan earned his callsign because of the odd, twitching movements of his antennae; also, he had an unfortunate physical reaction to consuming too much caf, that left him twitching for days.

    Aliya Vahlshalynn - CHIPPER
    Shadow Squadron - Imperial

    "Well, my Call sign is 'Chipper' and it's basically something I earned during my time at the flight academy. No matter how badly my crew and I partied, I always could wake up the next morning bright eyed and chipper; as if our night out drinking never happened. They hated me for it, but the name stuck. Hell, it's almost embarrassing ..."

    Bette Davis - SHOOTER
    Shadow Squadron - Imperial

    "My callsign is 'Shooter.' Generally that's because I have a reputation for... shooting targets. Out in the black I protect my wingmates and myself at any cost. And if that means I gotta shoot down enemy pilots, then I do. I'm good at it. Hence the name.

    My ship's nickname is Maneater 'cause I have a reputation for that, too. "

    Tannis V'lar - PROFESSOR
    Shadow Squadron - Imperial

    Is this really necessary?

    [Offscreen speech, unintelligible]

    "Very well. Let's get this over with.

    Lieutenant Tannis V'larr, Shadow Ten, callsign "Professor." I was given my callsign by my classmates in advanced flight training, probably because I knew more about weapon yields, pursuit vectors, and power triad management than any of our so-called instructors did, for which I do not apologize. Apparently some of the faculty at the Imperial Academy feel it is sufficient to explain which end of the laser cannon you point at the enemy. Conversely, I have had to endure countless invectives about how logic and booksmarts are no match for heart, instinct, or some other nebulous, sentimental quality. [pause] While I can't claim to have taken a scientific sample, I'd say my superior flight record speaks for itself. I believe the aphorism "schooled" would be appropriate."

    Henry McDonnaught - DONUT
    Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    "Donut is basically a shortened version of my last name - as it's read, not as it's pronounced. The "T" is silent..why it isnt spelt McDonna, like it sounds, is a question for the ages I spose. I was first called Donut in grade school by my best buddy Adam Byrne and it stuck fast. I was hoping for a cooler name once I became a pilot...like "Ace" or "Annihilator" or something, but everyone still calls me Donut. They say it suits me... I guess thats alright by me."

    Aros Indigu - CUPID
    Rogue Squadron - Rebel

    Cupid, given to him because of how he looks, and how he has fought, and talks. Very soft spoken, "Cupid" rarely looses his cool and seems to be far less violent than most of his comrades in previous missions.

    Tod Marr - MANIAC
    Shadow Squadron - Imperial

    'I guess you could say my mom gave me my callsign when I was still just a little kid. "Get back here, you little maniac!" she'd say. I used to run everywhere 'cause walkin' was always too slow. I got knocked over by two speeders on two separate occasions and ended up in the hospital for about 2 weeks a piece. I'd climb on everything and jump off, pretending to be a marine in a dropship. As I got a bit older I was always the daredevil of the group - making fun of the bigger kids and laughing as they tried to catch me, see how much I could get away with at school - that kinda stuff. It never changed once I grew up and started racing. People used to say I was too big a risk-taker. It's only a risk if there's a chance you're not gonna pull it off. Some of the others pilots say I'm reckless and impulsive. They're just jealous becuase I'm faster. But you gotta admit, it's a cool callsign! I even got a tattoo - look!'

    **This is by no means the entire roster of these Squadrons, but is the sum of those received so far for this Report**

    Fashionably yours, Dakota Gue - SWF Correspondent
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