• The Haman Report Edition #11: Dads

    Firstly, I apologize for not getting this Ko Report to you sooner, Dads. It's not that I havent intended to, but time has been against me lately.

    Secondly, I'd like to thank Cyrus Haman for putting this report together - who knew he even knew how to read!!

    Thirdly, HAPPY VERY BELATED Father's Day to all the RL Dads out there...we love ya's!
    --Dakota Gue


    Fathers. Why someone would want to be one, I sure don't know. Ties them down and keeps them from spending time with the ladies. But I know a guy who knows a guy who said they had an 'in' with the Cizerak Pride Queen Mother. That's why I'm doing this for Ko -- Cyrus Haman.

    The room was also the academic place of study for his twin daughters. Where he taught them what little he knew of the force. They displayed great aptitude for the force and to Tear's pride, or jealousy, greater finesse then he had ever achieved. Often putting what little had to teach them to shame. They seemed to retain buried knowledge of their genetic legacy with a demanding control the Inquisitor could only marvel at. Together they were powerful and free from the affliction of rage that handicapped their father. But their inheritance was not without another curse.

    Proximity was the deficiency that had fallen onto the twins. Their connection to the force and their strength in controlling it was directly proportional to their distance from each other. He had always considered it a genetic flaw caused by the process in which they were created added to his own defects but perhaps their mother was to blame for it. The Inquisitor had never considered the source of the weakness to be the result of the 'other half'. Tear eyed Hera, her smile still broad and toothy, like a Nexu toying with its food. He sensed an anger in her he had never before tasted...there could be no mistaking its source.
    From The Devils in the Details: Past Debts Part 2

    That's my girl. Tear has no idea what he's in for.


    Quote Originally Posted by Getar V'al Counis
    A son. It'd been a second chance where he'd not thought another possible, having seen to it himself that it could not. It'd been a selfish thing to keep Caran for himself, but... for all his respect for the Jedi, he would not have let them take the boy. Even if his father was one of them.

    His eyes watering now, Getar watched Caran, thinking of all the situations where he'd felt vindicated for his decision and actions back then. He couldn't have had a better son.
    From A Memorable Evening


    Quote Originally Posted by Pierce Tondry
    Pierce sighed; the sound of a man with too many questions and not enough answers. "I want you to be part of his life, but I don't want you to bring the rest of your life with you. Can that even happen?"

    One of his hands reached towards Lilaena's, but he stopped it not wishing to provoke her. "I don't know what to do. The last thing I want to do is take anyone's mother away from them, let alone my own son's."

    He smiled briefly at Lilaena. "He's a strong boy though. I think you'd be proud at how strong he is."
    From Family Ties (Retro Roleplay)


    Quote Originally Posted by Jason Russard
    There she was, his little girl. Her face was swollen and grossly bruised. Beneath the covers she was in a similar state. Crossing quickly to Estelle, Jason fell to her and cradled her head against his cheek. Words failed him. It didn't matter. Times like these, words were unnecessary. The heart said it all.
    From Spy Game: It's All Fun Until Someone Gets Hurts


    Quote Originally Posted by Old Man Russard
    "Pull yourself together" came his father's strained rebuke, "She needs you, not some fearful weakling"

    Jason the Elder was made of pure steel. An old man wheelchair bound and chained to a portable oxygen tank - the physical image was a complete contradiction of the iron will of the indivdual within.
    From: Spy Game: It's All Fun Until Someone Gets Hurt


    Quote Originally Posted by Hugo Montegue
    There was no choice now. No time to stop and think. He snatched Cambrio up into his arms, his hurried movements barely a comfort to his infant son. He bustled from the room, not allowing himself to so much as glance back. They had to leave. Had to escape. Had to get far away.

    "Vittore, come with me. Now."
    From Montegue: Origins


    Salem Ave]“The Queen Mother will think the child is of her bloodline. We need only eliminate Ishara and her brood... and the throne of Consortium is ours. Our child will reign sovereign over hundreds of worlds, billions people!”

    To his mind, there couldn't have been a more fortunate moment for this news to come.
    Our Future Imperfect


    Quote Originally Posted by Aurelias Kazaar
    I need t'do this alone. I gotta see my son's grave."

    So here he was. Starin' at the grave...Kazaar closed his eyes, his left hand brushing the water offa his face. It was a futile gesture, given the drenching rain, but a gesture none the less.

    Plus, it kept the tears from stinging his eyes.
    From A Bridge To...?

    Translation: Ladies, stay away from the cigar smoking, booze drinking bounty hunter. You'll only get hurt. And give me a call instead.


    Quote Originally Posted by Dan the Man
    "It wasn't easy on either of us, losing our son. We'll make time to move past the pain."
    From A Study in Tolerance



    Quote Originally Posted by Tristan Alastor View Post

    The shuttle was stolen. It was the first crime the Crown Prince of Hapes had ever committed; he didn't regret it in the slightest. If he felt guilty for anything, it was leaving his wife and their unborn child - but he had not forsaken them entirely. He would return to Onderon soon enough, once he had dealt with her.
    From: The Once and Future Prince

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    Quote Originally Posted by Remon Jore View Post
    Mace Windu took over from Yoda, who rose from his seat and hobbled over to the viewscreen and leaned against the transparisteel in an odd manner of defeat. "Halcyon defied the council by marrying and fathering a child. His wife was amongst the lives we lost on Geonosis. When he received the news, he became a victim of his emotions; he believes his wife is not dead, and left for Geonosis against our wishes. Yesterday, in the early morning hours, I received a transmission from him announcing his decision to leave the order completely."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Blade Ice View Post

    Blade quoted some obscure sith passage he remembered from long ago. He said it to the darkness as he stared continually at the distant stars. Peace, former sith masters would say it was a concept devised by the Jedi. There was no such thing as peace only chaos mattered.

    “Chaos is a friend of mine.”

    Yet there was more to think about then just himself and Aria now. Soon they would be three instead of two. This made things even more complicated, Blade couldn't be a family man and a warrior. Last time around he had abandoned his child to those that could care for her rather than taking the responsibility. He was able to be a warrior and forget about the family. Fight and only worry about numeral Uno. He then spoke to the stars.

    "Tegan if you are out there in the chaos of stars which dead end do I take?"
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    Whose Dad is Whom:

    Tear: 'Father' of the Gemmelae

    Getar V'al Counis: Father of Caran

    Pierce Tondry: Father of Jax

    Jason Russard: Father of Estelle Russard

    Old Man Russard: Father of Jason Russard

    Hugo Montegue: Father of Cambrio and Vittore

    Salem Ave: True Father of Beatrix Alastor.

    Tristan Alastor: 'Said' Father of Beatrix Alastor.

    Aurelias Kazaar: Father of Brentaal Kazaar

    Dan the Man: Father of Teagan s'Ilancy

    Fionn Halcyon: Father of Nya

    Blade Ice: Father of Tegan

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    Happy belated Father's Day to all of the Dad's IRL and on the boards.

    Your guest correspondent: Cyrus Haman
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