• The Ko Report - Edition #13 - Aurelias Kazaar


    "Jaded", "hothead", "damaged". Words, among many unflattering others, used to describe our next subject of Ko's Q & A Report. "Troublesome", "violent", "rebellious" - the list goes on, Im sure you get the picture. In a galaxy plagued with nefarious and wicked individuals one would be excused for thinking I am describing some Crime lord or scum bag who's notoriety precedes him and who's deeds declare a renegade of truth and order. One would be wrong, however. In fact, he's one of the good guys, a hero even -- but don't let him hear you say that. A rebel spy who daily risks life and limb for the cause of the Alliance who sees himself as something far from a hero and, in fact, appears to set great effort in distancing himself from that ideal, striving to impress otherwise. Of course, if you are an Imperial then you would have stuck with "scumbag".

    So, rather than beleaguer you with my opinion of Mr Kazaar, which I admit, runs the gamut of playful curiosity to nail chewing anxiety - I'll leave you to form your own. Whatever side of the fence you come down on (hero or sociopath) there is no doubt that Aurelias Kazaar is a man who speaks his mind (quite colorfully, I should warn) and who shuns any pretense or posturing. The Alderaan-born, Brental-raised Bounty Hunter-come-Rebel Operative is one of a kind. And perhaps in a galaxy this size, that is for the best.


    You are a contradiction of persona - an ex-Bounty Hunter/Rebel Spy, the "bad guy's good guy", would that be a fair description?

    Holo I used t'watch as o'kid always said, "I am what I am." Pretty frackin' smart words. I ain't no hero, but ya know...I ain't tryin' t'be.

    You have a reputation for shooting first and asking questions later, is this really a productive approach?

    Depends on where ya frackin' shoot. Ya'd be surprised what kinda answers ya can get from o'guy who's bleedin' outta both 'is knees. An' his left eye.

    Do you really believe in such absolutes as Good and Evil? Should anybody?

    Lemme tell ya somethin' Ko, anyone who thinks th'frackin' Empire is good gotta get their frackin' heads checked. Same with anyone who thinks slavery's good. Or child prostitution. Hell, those guys oughta be castrated then shot.

    How much of your background, your past, influences the man you are today?

    Empire killed m'parents. M'first partner got sliced'n diced by some bastard who I ain't caught. That'd keep o'man up'n make him a bit angry don'tcha think?

    Do you have any close friends?

    Th'Kid's prob'ly the closest I got. Though Spenny ain't that bad either. Long as he don't make me anyone of those damn sweaters. Th'last one he gave me was o'frackin' cardigan. I sure as hell ain't gonna wear that.

    What quality do you most admire in a Man?

    Th'frack kinda question is that? Guy who ain't gonna shoot me in th'back's prob'ly the best answer. And th'kinda guy who don't like keepin' secrets all th'time. Or a politician.

    What quality do you most appreciate in a Woman?

    Still say that's o'frackin' goofy question. Long as she's gonna be honest with me (that's key there), willing t'stand up f'herself, an' don't mind o'bitta cigar smokin'...works f'me. Oh yeah...'n don't sleep around either. Or lie 'bout sleeping 'round with others so ya can go protect yaself.

    Your two partners in Intel are Estelle Russard and Mili K'Vik, do you prefer to have a female counterpart over a male?

    I work with whoever's best. Th'Kid'n Birdy are two o'the best I've ever dealt with. Kid's o'bit too innocent and Birdy's an FU (note from Ko: I think he means 'Force User'), but they ain't bad. 'Least I know where they stand.

    You give the impression that you are afraid of nothing and no one. Is this really the case?

    Nah, I'm prob'ly afraid o'something. Ain't sure though.

    What is your most prized possession?

    Th'Twins'. Those are some damn fine blasters. Gotta couple things from Ash (m'first partner) an' o'speeder model from m'son. Good reminder o'what I've lost.

    When is it ok to lie?

    It ain't. 'Course some times ya gotta. Hell, in th'spy business it's all 'bout lying. Just makes ya hate yaself even more sometimes.

    A lot of your appeal is that you are a difficult man to control, especially from your Superiors perspective. Can you tell me a time where obeying them to the letter would have either saved or defeated an important outcome?

    Endor's o'pretty good example o'that.

    What lesson did you learn from the above?

    Don't trust politicians t'do th'work ovva soldier. Or o'frackin' Jedi.

    What do you consider the most overrated virtue?

    Mercy. It's got its place don't get me wrong. But does givin' some Imp or pimp o'nice jail cell work better than sendin' 'em t'Kessel? Or givin' me 15 minutes with 'em?

    What is your greatest extravagance?

    I ain't th'kinda guy who scrimps on weapons, bourbon, or cigars. That cheap crap ain't worth it.

    What task do you hate doing the most?


    What is the best way to spend a day off?

    Cigar. Bourbon. That ain't bad. 'Course Felucia's gotta pretty damn good strip club too. Long as it ain't o'place that's nonsmokin' an' gotta bar. I'm good.

    What is your greatest regret?

    Not killin' th'fracker who took out Ash. Or not killin' that damn Albino before Delly did. Save her o'lotta regret.

    Who is your greatest enemy or nemesis?

    Gotta lotta guys who wanna take o'shot at me. But probably Kimiiki Crei. Albino's always had o'hard on f'me. 'Course, the guy was o'frackin bastard who killed m'own kid and destroyed Delly. Hell, he tried t'help out some schutta scum named Timander who beat th'crap outta th'Kid. Ya don't beat up dames. Ain't right.

    You are a cigar and burbon man, kind of old school. Is there virtue in looking back in the past or should that be left right where it is?

    Depends on th'situation. I ain't th'kinda guy t'sit 'round thinkin' 'Oh boo-hoo, m'girlfriend left me with th'speeder truck an' m'dog died'. But I ain't th'kinda guy who forgets betrayal. Or th'death ovva loved one. Ya can't forget that sorta thing.

    Yes, I was leading up to the ex-wife question... Are you and Adelaide finally divorced now?

    Hell if I know. Delly's still got th'papers. I ain't see if she's filed 'em or not.

    You live a life that is familiar with violence, do you ever see a day where that wont be true? Or that you wish it would be true?

    I don't worry 'bouT that sorta thing. If it happens, I'll prob'ly be in th'ground.

    What is your best feature?


    If you were a beverage, what would you be?

    Ya got some frackin' weird questions, Ko. Th'Kid put ya up f'that one? Hell...I dunno...bourbon? That's probably what I bleed anyway.

    What phrase do you overuse?

    Whatta ya frackin' think I frackin' overuse?

    Who is the one person you would most like to meet?

    Guy who killed Ash. Put two in his head, two in his chest. That'd be after I frackin' (note from Ko: the rest of Mr. Kazaar's statement is edited for content). 'Course I wouldn't mind meetin' Palpatine either. Had somethin' special planned f'him.

    What is your motto?

    Don't got one. Kill th'Imp works f'me.

    Will the Alliance ever triumph?

    If th'damn politicians get their heads outta their asses. Yeh. Frackin' morons.


    And there you have it, like I said, colorful.

    To see Aurelias Kazaar's wiki page: Here

    To read the latest Aurelias Kazaar thread: [thread=19643]Toxicity and a Little Girl[/url]

    Fashionably yours, Dakota Gue - SWF Correspondent </>

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