• The Ko Report - Edition #15 - Admiral Reshmar

    Some of the characters in our SWF Universe are high profile, influential individuals who, by virtue of their natures and their positions of office can effect many others, even whole worlds.

    The subject of this Ko Report is one such individual, although to say he is high-profile would be a misnomer indeed. Like many of the Rebel Alliance, Fleet Commander Reshmar is of necessity forced to operate behind the stage of the public arena. He is well known by reputation among those of his Command, yet not so on a personal level. It is for this reason I chose him as the focus of this Report. Can we really know the person who leads the Fleet time and again into battle with the Empire? Are we able to understand the drive that keeps him so dedicated to that which he has been called?

    Is it any wonder WE WANNA KNOW:

    Admiral Reshmar - Fleet Commander of The Rebel Alliance



    Q. You were imprisoned by the Separatists during your youth - can you tell us what that was like?

    A. I was lucky in that my captivity was a fairly uneventful ordeal. The Time I spent as a hostage was very relaxing I can say. Even as a young officer most of my time was spent serving my people and the republic. I had time to rest and study the enemy and their technology. For the most part I was given a free run of the place; I guess my relationship with the Quarren helped with that.

    Q. You were also a technical advisor to Admiral Ackbar early in your career and cite learning much from him. What, today, do you still do as a direct result of his influence?

    A. Ackbar taught me to listen; He was a very patient and calm Man. He told me once” Reshmar, look for what isn’t there.” I did not understand what he meant then but now after all I have seen and done I understand. Want is not is as important as what is. Many times I have looked at a situation from a tactical perspective and only seen one side of the battle. I have to remind myself of what is not there. Every battle is different and every commander fighting in a battle brings an aspect to that battle which molds and shapes it. You have to be aware and prepared for what can happen as well as what is going on. Look at a battle or even at life in general from all angles and you will be surprised and unprepared less often than not.

    Q. If you had to choose one for life - would it be your dream Command (ship) or your dream woman?

    A. I was married for a short while when I was young. She was an amazing woman who shone brightly in the night like a guiding lighthouse. She was and always will be my dream and my life. I lost her early in the war with the Empire. She was a technical advisor aboard the Cruiser Autonomy when she was destroyed attempting to saving Rebel one at Bannistar Station. I miss her and no Ship nor women shall ever replace her.

    Q. What is your favorite drink?

    A. I enjoy purified Water from the deep water off the coast of my family’s reef. Other than that I drink what is offered.

    Q. Admiral Yamarus death at Endor was an awful loss both for you personally and for the Rebellion.
    What got you through that time?

    A. At the time I had no choice. The fleet was in full retreat and scattered throughout the sector. We had to regroup and escape before we suffered any further losses. I had to think about the thousands who depended on me and had no time to grieve. He would have done the same in my situation I think. I miss my old friend and will always remember him.

    Q. What is your fondest memory of life before the war on Calamari?

    A. The warm pools of my family home. The reef we lived near has a special place in my heart.

    Q. What attributes do you most look for in those under your command?

    A. As a commander I look for the hidden in a subordinate. Every new recruit on up to the hardened veteran grows and learns every moment of every day. As a commander it is one of my responsibilities to look for what a person can be and can do as well as what they are and do. Many of the men and women fighting along side us fought for the separatists and the republic during the war. Many served under the Emperor until they learned the intent and purpose of him and his new order. Every member of the alliance to restore the republic must continue to learn and grow every day including myself.

    Q. What, in your view, is life's Unpardonable Sin?

    A. No sin is unpardonable. I would like to think everyone has free will and can change. Evil is learned not born.

    Q. Who would you most like to meet in this life?

    A. I have meet and known some of the greatest men and women of our time. Some in passing and some as friends.

    Q. Who/What is your greatest enemy?

    A. I believe I am my own worst enemy. Each day I struggle with the fear and anger I feel toward the Empire and the men who serve against us in the war. I am afraid of the day I lose the battle with myself and become what it is I hate and I fight for the wrong reasons.

    Q. What characteristic are Mon Calamari most noted for?

    A. Many consider us a race of brave, courageous people. We are a peace loving people who were thrust into a roll of warrior. As we made the rapid evolution from explorers to warriors we made sure we did not lose sight of the peaceful people we once were. We are a people of life. We live and enjoy each day and make the most of it.

    Q. What is your sweetest victory?

    A. I have yet to achieve a victory which I consider sweet. In any war or battle there is loss, and as long as there is loss one cannot consider a victory sweet. A victory would be men and women coming together and working out their differences without arms, or fighting, or loss of life.

    Q. What will it take to bring about Intergalactic Peace?

    A. I fear we will never see peace. There has always been war. In the 25,000 years of the republic we have seen wars over race, territory, misunderstanding, and even love. It is not always good vs. evil. The best we can hope for is to win the battle at hand and try better to understand our enemy’s. Only by understanding them can we one day hope to live with them in peace.

    Q. What is your greatest regret?

    A. I regret I will never live to see peace. I fear peace in my time is impossible. The Empire is only one of thousands of enemy’s waiting in line to assault the forces of Peace and freedom. As long as there is life there will be war.

    Q. Apart from the awful aspects of battle - death, destruction etc - what is it about the art of conflict that engages you?

    A. We of the Dac system, both Calamari and Quarren have always been explorers. In the early days of our world we swam and sailed upon the waves of our world looking for what was to find, what was out there. Space was just the next inevitable sea for us to voyage and explore. The void of space is a never ending ocean and we long to traverse this sea in the name of exploration and knowledge.

    Q. You have a strategic mind, obviously. Do you find you are a 'planner' to the point of having an outline for everything that you do?

    A. As a commander we plan an operation based on the target and information we have on the enemy. We have men and women who do nothing but analyze and computate this data who advise us and do much of the planning. In a perfect galaxy the data we have and the plans we make enable us to achieve victory. In my tenure as a commander in the alliance we have never had a plan go as we hoped and planned. A commander has to adapt and improvise as the battle unfolds around you. IN my life outside the service I try to make a lose plan for my day but as in battle it never seems to work out the way I had planned.

    Q. What phrase do you most overuse?

    A. None that I know. I use the word Lieutenant a lot in various forms and Commander also. As for Phrases I think Come in. Yes that would be it, come in. I am always saying that to people at my door.

    Q. Were you ever in trouble with your superiors during your days as a young officer?

    A. Very rarely, I had the fortune to learn from patient, understanding men and women. They were never short or evasive and always treated me as an equal. I may have made mistakes but I was never penalized or punished for them.

    Q. What advice would you give to aspiring military men or women today?

    A. Understand your enemy. As you go forth into war look to the enemy and learn from them. By understanding the enemy and their methods you will be better prepared for when they make a mistake. Most battles are won when one side makes a mistake and the other makes opportuniy upon their opponent’s error.

    Q. Is there ever a mistake that an officer cannot recover from? Have you ever come close to such a mistake?

    A. Pride, You can never become prideful and think yourself better than your opponent. The moment you do you lose the advantage of suspicion and the ability to out think a foe. IF you think you are better or smarter than the enemy then you will underestimate them every time.

    Q. How do you like to spend a day off?

    A. As fleet commander of the 3rd fleet I have no days off. I am ever vigilant and must treat each day as I would any other. The day I take a day off will be the day I am not there to oppose the enemy and the day they shall win.

    Q. What is your motto?

    A. I would have to say if anything my motto would be remember the lost. The men and women who have come before us teach us more than any living person can.


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