• The Ko Report - Edition #16 Cizeracks!

    THE CIZERACK - So, Who are these cats?

    What do we know about the Cizerack? I mean, rrrealljy know?

    Below is a general overview of one of the most exciting and loveable species developed from the imaginations of Sanis Prent and Nya Halcyon (together with Lilaena De'Ville) and built upon by the individuals who write the Ciz characters here at SWF!

    They are a species of felinoid creatures hailing from the Carshoulis Cluster in the Outer Rim. They are a Matriachial Society, founded by Jaissaarra Feessaarro and headed by the Pride Mother, where the females are the ruling class and the male of the species are basically indentured servants (a simplistic description) subject to their masters will. While it is true that some males achieve a higher caste level than some of their fellows, the truth remains the same - They live, to serve.

    Interesting factoids:

    1. They are creatures of Appetite - carnal, for the most part. They live large, eat large and love large! They like their personal comforts and they delight in eating. A particular favorite delicacy is live Sajoi, a little rodent creature with a long tail that wriggles all the way down the throat. Apparently, soaked in a kind of brine only adds to the enjoyment. The Cizerack are also well known for their energetic pursuit of amorous pastimes, they are a race that have a very liberal perspective on physical gratification, compared to most societies, and seek such with unflagging zeal and endearing creativity.

    2. They are a materialistic species and exhibit a strong drive for power, the Carshoulis Cluster being their main Trade Corridor. They are wily and intuitive negotiators when it comes to deal-making and opportunity-seizing.

    3. They have a massive armada and an army that numbers in the hundreds of millions. They would be a formidable foe to any who might seek to intrude into their corner of the sky.

    4. They speak funny. Lots of ssss's and rrrrr's and jjjj's. The half-breeds speak a slightly different dialect, but to the unlearned it is every bit as much of a challenge to follow.

    5. They have a tendency to look down on us regular old humanoid folk, seeing us for the most part as mentally and physically inferior and, not to mention, rather ugly. Hard to beleive? I know, right?

    6. They don't have fur.

    7. They are religious. They worship the Sun Goddess (Saanjarra) The Moon God (Nomaani) and the Goddess of the Underworld (Traanjirra)

    8. They are exceedingly loyal and should, on the rare and wonderful occassion you make a friend of one of them, you just may have found a friend for life - a true treasure in a galaxy that is littered with false allies and dubious associates.

    In a nutshell, or to keep with the feline theme, "In a furrball" - the Cizerack (Ciz for short) are a culture of exciting, exotic and energetic beings who have a very special place in the hearts of the members here at SWFans.

    Below is an introduction to some of the personalities of this incredible race (disclaimer - warning: some of them may bite!):

    Meet the Pride!

    **Important Note: Q & A sessions of some the Cizeracks listed above will be addended to this report as they become available. Keep checking back!**

    To know more details, please visit our Wiki via the Links below:

    The Cizerack

    The Carshoulis Prime

    The Carshoulis Cluster



    Fassshjionabljy jyourrrsss, Dakota Gue
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