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    ACT I: The Mission of a Lifetime

    "For as long as our kin does not know freedom, neither shall we." - Tell Cho

    Miw Shanm, Ossus - Mid Year 3 of the reign of King Cho

    It almost reminds one of home, eh? To the Royal Caves.

    Mazhen L grunted in assent as he and his second entered the skiff, which resembled nothing more than a small boat with a dirigible hull attached. The driver, an older Gossam with silver ...
  2. Two Years Laterish-ish

    I nicely(?) walked off my job. Thought about grad school. Applied to grad school. Rejected by grad school. Said screw you grad school! (Kinda did an internal happy dance I was wait listed and rejected.) Started freelancing. Have managed to not die yet. Spend most my time working as a media speicalist for a non-profit now with a few clients on the side.

    So that sums everything up to date.
  3. Contacting the writer.....

    Anyone wishing to contact me about anything at anytime, please feel free.
    And feel free to pass on the following info... it's all either public knowledge or on a business card <laughs>

    KIK (LlewelPendragon)
    DISCORD (LlewelPendragon)
    SKYPE Text (LlewelPendragon)
    YM (ms_trinket)
    Text (757-303-4409)

    I am in Richmond, Virginia, USA which is Eastern Standard Time. We are -5 hrs from the UK (not overly sure about other countries off ...

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  4. Why Gen X-ers are bitter nhilistic alcoholics summed up in one movie franchise

    Placeholder for an idea I want to write.
  5. Between Two Interrogation Droids: Dani

    When did you first see a Star Wars movie, and what movie was it?

    It was a New Hope when it came out on VHS in the early 80's I think? Memory's a bit blurry for exactly how old I was, but I remember sitting on the couch with my mom explaining to me that I would love this. And she was right! She knew I was a very imaginative child. I was blown away by the special effects and the story. Luke and Obi-Wan were immediately my favorites because they got the cool lightsaber weapons. I've
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