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the illness that shall not be named

  1. Alright - a year laterish

    I might read previous entries. Most likely, I will not.

    Lemme Esplain... No! There is too much.
    Let me sum up.

    My boss was fired, I became the boss, I've had a year of OMG! I have 'sponsibilities and a 6 figure budget to manage.

    I'm getting the hang of things, so now back to our regularly scheduled program.

    I've felt the need to sit, reflect, and slow my brain down enough to come to some conclusions about choices before me and ...
  2. Convulsion ulsion, what's your malfunction???

    So sunday night in bed I had a hilarious time with convulsions. I've had them before, I'll most likely have them again. The first time I had convulsions I had no clue what was going on and promptly panicked. Now, it's more of a *sigh* these again. It's not caused by a seizure, nor do I have to worry about a lot of things associated with convulsions. But it's still freaky to have my body jerking uncontrollably like a floppy fish out of water.

    flip flop-op-op-op-op *breathe*
  3. So, I passed out this morning.

    That was fun. Not sure what caused my blood pressure to drop. I know that last night at the gym I kinda over did it on the treadmill. My peak heart rate got up to 178. I'm not exactly comfortable with that rate. I'm starting to think I might need to see my doc sooner than our scheduled tri/bi-annual meeting. =P

    I'm also doing things in my sleep again. I think. Actually, I know. I have this cool little app that helps keep me focused on what I'm doing. ...
  4. Love Song for a Vampire

    There is a certain amount of seductiveness to my illness. Over the past few months I've been feeling the pull but felt I was combating the pull fairly well. Well, not well, but well enough. I took time off from work. Organized and took care of some personal items that had been bothering me for quite some time. I started training for my half marathon in June. Eating better, working on everything outside of medical visits and medications that I am suppose to do.

    And then Friday night; ...
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  5. Why I hate myself and other self destructive candy bits.

    Over the past summer I've changed doctors and there was a change in my medication. The upside is that I'm really feeling better these days. I don't have to take sleeping pills anymore. And as long as I schedule days of rest and periodic down time, the rest of my time at work and at home has turned into something productive at last. Things are looking up.

    The downside to all of this positivity is that I'm falling back into old habits. It's 10 'til midnight, and I just spent several ...
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