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  1. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    Follow up question: What's the G stand for?
  2. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    Also, I can't walk anymore. Send help.
  3. MA7-E4's Avatar
    My programming knowledge ends at HTML & BASIC, sadly. Mostly making it up as I go along.
  4. Droo's Avatar
    I've always wondered if MA7-E4's programming language comes from a place of personal experience with computer programming or if you just make it up as you go along? Either way, it's very convincing.
  5. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    ^^^ I know, I hadn't thought of a Lando movie until he said it and now it's what I want most!

    Glad people are enjoying these.
  6. Droo's Avatar
    A Lando Calrissian film would be awesome!
  7. Damon Void's Avatar
    Absolutely, I like reading these. =D
  8. Ydran Esk'avar's Avatar
    Every single one of them. You never know when this sort of information may prove useful. *shifty eyes*
  9. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    Anyone reading these? *taps on mic*
  10. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    I'm just waiting for Loki to go through his 'weird fashion sense' phase! Although, I think he has a little already, while on vacation with Taataani perhaps?
  11. Droo's Avatar
    I hadn't given it much thought before and, to be honest, the comparison hadn't occured to me. But it's quite apt: both are burdened by their past, which is dramatically at odds with the world around them, and I've enjoyed writing about how they deal with that clash of culture and ideals. You've given me a lot to think about with that!
  12. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    Incidentally, Droo, I was re-reading Horse Guard's Parade last night (so good btw), and I caught a lot of similarities between Loki and Rod. Obviously they're not exactly the same, but am I right? Do you think they're similar as well?
  13. Droo's Avatar
    I love this insight into Wei's head. The Taoism connection is revealing and apt. It's given me something new to learn about. And now I'm very curious to read some of Wei's earlier threads, when he was not so placid and patient.
  14. Baastian Cain's Avatar
    Here I stand, and I can do no other, so help me Roddenberry!
  15. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    Star Trek heretic!!
  16. Serena Laran's Avatar
    *takes notes*
  17. Matatek Sel Vissica's Avatar
    Love the summaries here. Definitely keep it up, it's got a finger on the pulse of the galaxy sort of vibe and helps folks rapidly get acquainted with whats happening!
  18. Lilaena De'Ville's Avatar
    I edited the Kyle answers from third person into first person, in case you think it doesn't really sound like's because of that.